Introducing Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

This ebook highlights actionable insight to help organizations:

  • Embrace active metadata management
  • Treat data as an asset
  • Transform into data-driven enterprises

Read the full ebook to gain a full look at your data ecosystem and see what's missing.


Data environments are developing at unprecedented rates, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Deep visibility into your data ecosystem is crucial for success. Does your system provide this? Collibra Data Intelligence Platform does.


In today's digital age, data is essential to every business. When used effectively, data delivers insights that improve business outcomes. Data helps organizations to better understand their customers, improve products and services, transform their operations, maximize value from IT investments, mitigate risks, and transform their operations.

Yet to be effective, data needs to be treated as an asset. Data needs to be properly maintained. Without due care, its quality can degrade. It can become stale or damaged. It can be misused or misappropriated.

The data environment is evolving, making effective use of data more complex. About 84% of organizations recognize that data is "crucial to business decisions" But "nearly half of organizations today fail to always or even routinely put data at the core of their business decisions"