On-demand webinar

Democratizing data and insights at Lockheed Martin

In this presentation, Adam D. Mohr, Software Engineering Manager, shares how the business overcome data challenges by:

  • Enabling data insight to transcend organizational silos
  • Alleviating manual dependencies in data accessibility and expertise
  • Establishing governance in data solution management
  • Identifying and addressing data solution overlap


Lockheed Martin partnered with Collibra and Tableau to kick-start their digital transformation initiative. The team knew from the start that they wanted to approach it from a self-service perspective and implement intelligent technology that would enable the business to connect, collaborate and innovate with agility. The strategy rested on four key pillars that they believed would create the best experience for users: AI, data analytics, augmented reality, and connected factories.

Watch the presentation to learn how Lockheed Martin created a data-centric culture that unleashed digital transformation.