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Analyst report

Bloor considers Collibra a market leader

In this InDetail report, Bloor reveals:

  • Why data governance must include capabilities beyond data quality enforcement
  • How Collibra provides a comprehensive solution that focuses on the business
  • Why they consider the Collibra platform to be “the clear market leader"

Read the Bloor InDetail report to learn more about what makes the Collibra platform stand out.


Data governance means different things to different people. For some, it’s little more than basic data quality enforcement. But for others, data governance goes beyond quality to include data discovery and cataloging, data privacy and security, and regulatory compliance, too.


Data governance, as a term, can have a lot of different meanings. For a great many vendors, data governance capability consists of little more than some basic data quality enforcement – cleansing, matching, standardisation and so on – along with data profling (again, oriented towards data quality) to go with it. That isn't to say that data quality isn't important: far from it. But there is more to data governance, and suitable capabilities are offered by only a small number of vendors.

These suppliers go beyond quality to include sophisticated data discovery and cataloguing tools, data privacy and security, regulatory compliance (for GDPR as well as industry specifc regulations) and still, of course, providing or integrating with data quality tools. However, at least in terms of data governance, notice that all of these capabilities centre on enforcement: making sure your data complies with the policies you or your organisation have already put in place. There is thus an additional step to be taken, that of assisting in the creation and maintenance of the policies themselves. The number of vendors that have implemented such a step is limited.

What's more, many of these companies have only done so in a limited capacity. For instance, they might only offer policy creation and management in support of a single area of governance, such as analytics. Collibra, with Collibra Data Governance Center, is one of the few vendors that supports policy creation and management across every area of data governance.