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Building an internal data marketplace

In this TDWI Pulse Report, we examine recent research regarding the use of modern cloud platforms and automation to ensure robust protection of all data assets and how building an internal data marketplace accelerates an organization's democratization of data and insights.

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In many organizations today, data is stored across a range of sources and silos. This makes it difficult for employees to find, understand, trust and access the data they need. A solution starting to become widely adopted is the idea of creating an internal data marketplace, which enables a secure, easy data shopping experience for all levels and functions of data consumers. However, to drive the most from an internal data marketplace, the framework should include data governance and data catalog, role-based access controls, powerful contextual search to easily identify the most relevant data--ensures that organizations can provide data producers and consumers alike with easy and compliant access to high-quality data assets on-demand.


Data is the foundation of modern business. Keeping data secure, healthy, and fit for purpose requires the enforcement of robust enterprise controls at every point in those assets' life cycles. Enterprises are ingesting data from a growing range of platforms, including cloud, on-premises, and external sources.

As organizations deploy internal data marketplaces to accelerate the sharing of trusted assets, they must ensure that these and other platforms implement strong governance and other controls, including curation, security, privacy protection, and backup and restoration.

When enforced in internal data marketplaces and throughout enterprise value chains, strong governance and other enterprise controls keep data actionable and: trustworthy, relevant, and profitable.