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Data at the helm of new waters

Is data the Coast Guard’s compass to new horizons? This week, Toan Do, Area Vice President of Federal Sales at Collibra, invites Captain Brian Erickson, Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer at the United States Coast Guard, to shed some light on the Coast Guard's transformative journey from traditional navigation to data-driven decision-making, illustrating how data is becoming the compass guiding the organization's mission and operations.

Amid the challenges of implementing data analytics and AI within the Coast Guard, Captain Erickson has come to recognize the value of starting small, focusing on high-priority use cases, and fostering a data-literate workforce. His personal transition from a career aviator to leading the Coast Guard's first data office is a perfect parallel to the evolving role of data as a strategic asset in enhancing mission effectiveness. And as if that’s not already a shining example of leadership in data, Captain Erickson is now preparing to pass on this newfound passion to his successor, setting the stage for a bright future of enthusiastically data-literate military personnel.

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