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New York
June 19, 2017

Collibra 5.1 Expands Data Governance to Drive Value for All Business Users

New York, June 19, 2017 - Newest Version of Collibra Data Governance Platform Facilitates Massive Enterprise Shift to Self-Service Analytics

Collibra, the leading data governance software platform for business users, today unveiled its Collibra 5.1 release. Collibra 5.1 delivers advanced functionality that streamlines the massive shift to self-service analytics. Thanks to new levels of collaboration, productivity, and ease-of-use in Collibra 5.1, business users can easily find, understand and trust data to drive enterprise value.

“Collibra 5.1 represents a huge leap forward in delivering advanced data governance,” said Stan Christiaens, Collibra co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “The new data profiling capabilities in Collibra 5.1 add a whole new dimension that allows users to better evaluate data and trust it’s the data they need. Our next-generation interactive lineage functionality leapfrogs other industry solutions to bring data to life visually. We’ve also added a plethora of other technology advancements to the platform, including an updated console and Spark as part of the infrastructure. With this release, Collibra is again pushing the boundaries of data governance with capabilities that give business users deep insights about their data.”

About Collibra 5.1

Key features of Collibra 5.1 include:

Interactive Data Lineage: The first-of-its-kind Collibra 5.1 interactive data lineage capabilities enable true data lineage exploration – going way beyond normal data diagrams. Collibra 5.1 enables data citizens to visually explore everything about their data, including business terms, policies, issues, relationships and direction. It features a rich visual environment that delivers beautiful and easily understood views of data. This makes it easier for any user to find the enterprise data with the right characteristics for analysis. Even business users with less knowledge of the data can easily use the interactive lineage explorer to find, understand and trust their data.

  • Complete control of groupings, subgroups and levels of expansion

  • Add and remove relationship types, or directional (upstream/downstream) relationships to and from the view.

  • Overlay any attribute, metric, or KPI.

  • Develop views on the fly or chose them from a library, and share them with colleagues on the system.

  • Edit attributes, assets and relationships right from the diagram.

Collibra Catalog with Data Profiling: With the Collibra 5.1 Data Profiling capabilities included as part of the Collibra Catalog, data citizens can know what’s in the data before they use it, making it easy to quickly get to the right data. Collibra 5.1 offers automated data profiling and displays all the important characteristics of the data in easy-to-use tables and graphs.

  • Collibra Catalog 5.1 creates and maintains an extensive profile of the data sets. These profiles contain all the useful statistics about the range, distribution and contents of the data set. Profiles are created automatically and kept up to date as the data changes.

  • Use profile attributes as overlays on diagrams while exploring the data and its lineage, making it easier to find suitable data.

  • The Collibra Catalog 5.1 also shows a graphical representation of the data contents to allow “blink-of-the-eye” insights.

  • Sensitive data (e.g., social security numbers) is automatically hidden from unauthorized users.

Tagging: Further strengthening the Collibra approach to crowd-sourced metadata, Collibra 5.1 features on-the-fly tagging capabilities that leverage the power of large numbers of data citizens to enrich the information available for data sets:

  • Tags can be filtered and stored in a view definition to make data collections easier to find.

  • Label, organize and classify data any way a user likes.

  • Easily crowdsource new ways of looking at data.

Collibra On-the-Go: Collibra is the only platform that delivers true data governance to mobile devices, making it easy for data citizens to find understand and trust their data wherever they are:

  • iPhone/iPad: New dashboards widgets allow users to customize their mobile dashboard to see any trends and statuses they need. File uploads let users attach files to items in Collibra from their mobile device.

  • Windows: The Collibra mobile functionality for Windows has been completely restyled to make it even easier to use. New improved search capabilities and simple operation bring documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and presentations on a user’s computer to life.

About Collibra

As the leader in data governance, Collibra helps organizations across the world gain competitive advantage by maximizing the value of their data across the enterprise. Collibra is the only solution purpose-built to address the gamut of data stewardship, governance, and management needs of the most complex, data-intensive industries. Our flexible and configurable cloud-based or on-premises solution puts people and processes first – automating data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it. Learn more at


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