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John Smith
Data Scientist, USA
Cloud-Ready Data
Digital Transformation
Data Governance

Wroclaw, PL

Graduate, Software Engineer

Software Engineer, Graduate 

If you're about to graduate or have a few years of commercial experience, joining the software engineering team as a Collibra Graduate could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!! You’ll partner with a group of builders around the world, characterised by a love for innovative technology, a desire to solve problems, and a never-ending goal to build simple, elegant products that delight customers and simplify all levels of data engagement. 

Guided by Agile principles, the software engineering team leads with confidence, knowing that today’s problems require tomorrow’s solutions. 

Collibra’s Software Engineering Team is evolutionary by nature. As part of a multi-product cloud company, our latest evolution is building opportunities for engineers to rotate product groups and work on new products throughout their tenure. 

Graduate Software Engineers at Collibra are responsible for:

  • Designing, developing and maintaining new features to further improve our products
  • Partnering with others to implement new functionalities with an emphasis on quality
  • Developing efficient, clean code
  • Establishing strong relationships across multiple teams to achieve results
  • Actively participating in team meetings and sharing ideas

You Will:

  • Gain professional experience in building Python or Scala applications based on your choice
  • Be a team member whose purpose is to implement automated Lineage scanners and present the result via interactive Lineage diagrams. The motto of the Lineage team is “We need 10 minutes to document 10 years of your development”.
  • Work on building products intended for real-time on-demand environments, e.g. SaaS, Internet/Digital, or Cloud Products
  • Have the opportunity to work within an Agile process (Scrum) 

You Are:

  • Interested in improving your Python skills or would like to laser focus on functional programming using Scala
  • Eager to learn and develop their skills
  • Optimistic, passionate, and pragmatic about delivering valuable software to customers
  • Someone who puts quality first and has a passion for good design and clean code
  • An Open, Direct and Kind team player

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Full-time student currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Passionate for software development