Saturday night is data night

Featuring the first-ever Collibra Ranger couple, Huma Geoffrey + Azhar Rahman

Collibra recently learned of a fun fact: we have two Collibra Rangers, the highest certification in data intelligence, who are married. Meet Huma Geoffrey and Azhar Rahman, the first-ever Collibra Ranger couple.

This got us to wondering, what does date night or a dinner conversation with two Collibra Rangers look like? Are there healthy debates over a data governance use case while someone serves the main course? Does a bouquet of roses include love notes like “we’ve come so far on this data intelligence journey together”?

This Valentine’s Day, we’re pleased to feature this Collibra Ranger couple in a video series we are calling Saturday night is data night, where Huma and Azhar chat with Stijn Christiaens, Collibra cofounder and CTO. We’ll hear how they got started on their data intelligence journeys, how and why they pursued their Collibra Ranger certification, what it’s like to be married to a fellow Collibra Ranger…and we’ll even hear a little singing! Check out the videos below.


Meet the first-ever Collibra Ranger couple, Huma Geoffrey + Azhar Rahman, and hear how they got started with Collibra.


“I wanted that credibility of holding a Collibra Ranger certification. It’s a title you carry for yourself.”

What does it mean to be a Collibra Ranger? Hear from Huma and Azhar on the impact of being a Collibra Ranger, as well as the challenges they face along the way.


“Find your data, trust your data, and act upon your data. And if you can’t do that, then that’s why I’m here to help.”

Listen as Huma and Azhar break down the basics of data governance and data intelligence – and give a powerful perspective on why?


“Leaders should pursue certification because they are visionaries – they should be a master of what they preach.”

Learn from Huma and Azhar on why a data leader should pursue Collibra Ranger certification. (Also, there’s a Collibra Ranger song?!)

Have Huma and Azhar piqued your interest in becoming a Collibra Ranger or pursuing other certifications in data intelligence? Be the SME.

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