Forrester names Collibra a leader among data governance solutions


Collibra provides a data governance foundation that ensures trust and access of data for every use, every user, and across every source. We believe this is why Collibra was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Solutions. Q3 2021. Collibra received the highest score among all vendors in the policy management criterion, tied for the highest score in the stewardship management criterion, and the highest score possible in the data governance management criterion. We also received the top ranking in the strategy category and were tied in the market presence category. 

Why Collibra is a leader 

We believe Forrester recognized Collibra as a leader primarily for our fully integrated platform, our focus on the business user, our enterprise-grade scalability, and our market presence. 

 Below are some of our highlights: 

  • Strategy: Collibra scored the highest in the strategy category, with the highest scores possible in the solution vision and execution roadmap criteria. In our opinion, this score reflects our continuous ability to deliver on our company and product strategy over the years, such as acquiring and integrating data lineage and data quality capabilities, transforming to a SaaS company, and continuing to improve our UI/UX to focus on the business user. 
  • Market presence: More than 500 organizations around the globe and across various industries use Collibra for their data initiatives. These organizations chose Collibra to unite their teams around data and to be able to unlock the value of their data with enterprise-wide data governance.
  • Cloud focus: The Forrester report states that Collibra is a top choice for clients with a cloud-first strategy. Our cloud-only approach means our customers can take advantage of our product innovations quickly and seamlessly, without the need for cumbersome manual upgrades. This enables our customers to see time to value faster and increase efficiency across their enterprise. 
  • Stewardship management: We tied for the highest score in the stewardship management criterion, which we feel is because of our customizable roles and responsibilities, stewardship workflows, validation rules, views, dashboards, notifications, and alerts to give more context to stewards. 
  • Policy management: We scored the highest out of all the vendors in the policy management criterion. Our Policy Manager helps users create, review, and update policies, making it easy for policies to be applied and adopted across the enterprise. 
  • Business-user friendly interface: Customers highlight our business-user friendly interface as one of our key decision factors. Our customers like Collibra because our software is easy to use for IT and business users alike, making adoption seamless. 

          How Collibra aligns to Forrester’s market trends

          We believe Forrester named Collibra a leader in the data governance space due to our ability to keep up with the ever-changing data governance trends. According to Forrester, data governance solutions are expanding their scope from solely a technical tool to more of a business tool. To capitalize on this trend, data governance providers are maturing and broadening their capabilities to include new privacy, security, and compliance features, as well as collaboration and data stewardship management capabilities.

          Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a perfect example of this mature data governance solution with an integrated platform. Collibra allows organizations to operationalize and collaborate around privacy policies in a centralized location, manage the entire data process lifecycle, and scale compliance across multiple regulations quickly and easily. We also offer technical lineage natively via our platform to help users comply with regulations by mapping how data transforms and flows as it is transported from source to destination, across its entire lifecycle. Our workflow capabilities also promote collaboration by automating processes with intuitive workflows and the ability to shop for data assets with crowdsourced feedback. More specifically, our out-of-the box and customizable workflows automate business processes without the need for technical resources and increase speed to outcome across the business, making Collibra a top choice for those looking for a business-friendly solution that streamlines collaboration across the enterprise. 

          We also believe data quality is a very important element of data governance. That is why we acquired OwlDQ to bring strong data quality capabilities to our platform. Collibra Data Quality’s advanced machine learning addresses comprehensive data quality challenges, such as profiling, rules, data reconciliation and discovering hidden data relationships. With Collibra Data Quality, we are now delivering an end-to-end platform for data intelligence that provides a streamlined one-stop shop for data management and governance that eliminates the need to integrate with multiple vendors. 

          Overall, we believe our product is a leader in the data governance space due to our focus on the business user and our best-in-class governance management capabilities.

          “Collibra is a top choice for clients with a cloud-first strategy to build out their corporate data governance framework with the strongest overall governance management capabilities.”

          Achim Granzen, Forrester

          Our customers praise our scalability and see us as the right platform to lead their digital transformation journeys. With Collibra, the entire organization can unite around their data and use this data to innovate and grow.

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