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How to Build Data Strategy

How to Build Data Strategy: The Balance of Control versus Flexibility

It’s not uncommon to head into springtime with an intention to lose those 8 pounds of winter weight in time for beach season. But we soon realize that a diet alone will ultimately fail, as those impromptu business dinners and client entertainment binge calories don’t align well with a calorie restriction plan.  But a sweat-it-out,…

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Data Groundhog Day

Are You Having a Data Groundhog Day?

So it’s Groundhog Day. And growing up in Pennsylvania, Groundhog Day has always been considered a sort of “holiday.” It’s the top story on the local news – morning and evening. And the ceremony for Phil, the most famous groundhog in PA, is actually quite elaborate. But it’s kind of silly, right? We all wait…

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Why your data needs a system of record

Why Data Needs a System of Record

“Data-driven business” seems to be the buzz phrase of the day. But as I talk to customers and prospects in large enterprises around the world, I’m finding that many that claim to be data-driven, simply are not. The reason? They haven’t yet shifted their mindset to view data as a strategic business asset. Instead, too…

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Why Your Data Governance Program Isn't Sustainable

Why Your Data Governance Program Isn’t Sustainable (and How to Fix It)

By now, many of the financial services institutions I work with have implemented made significant progress implementing data governance. But when I say “data governance,” I actually mean “data management.” For most, their data governance program is a series of disjointed processes held together by emails, spreadsheets and SharePoint sites. Does it work? Yes. Is…

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