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Catalog of Reports - Driving Trust

Driving Trust with a Catalog of Reports

The widespread adoption of enterprise self-service BI systems created new opportunities to further digitize and democratize business decision making, thus making it more effective . However, the companies poised to reap the benefits of modern BI rollouts identified a set of common “evolving challenges” around sustainability, governance, and risk management that interfere with their ability…

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Self-Service BI

It’s Like Amazon, But for Data: The Key to Sustainable Self-Service BI

A well-deserved buzz around self-service business intelligence (BI) steams from its claim to democratize the large volumes of data across the enterprise to make it accessible and consumable by everyone for reporting and visualization. And the darlings of startup community are capitalizing on this claim. Nevertheless, we can learn from an article by the leading…

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Getting Value from your Data

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting What You Need From Your Data

Data is only useful when it’s easily discoverable, meaningful to the people who need to use it, and, above all, trustworthy. But creating real value from your data can be challenging. Here are five roadblocks you might need to address before you can establish a business intelligence program that truly delivers. 1. You have a…

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