The Collibra Professional Services team provides expert advisory and implementation services, drawing on years of experience working with the global community of Data Citizens. We’ll partner with you to drive success with your initial use cases and accelerate time-to-value of your organization’s Data Intelligence initiatives.

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Partner with certified Collibra Rangers with deep experience across industries and use cases

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Gain knowledge and expertise that helps sustain and grow your Data Intelligence initiatives

Leverage best practices

Build on best practices and learnings from our work with leading, global organizations — ensuring your Collibra Platform is configured for current and future use cases from the start

Accelerate implementation

Benefit from a proven, deliverable-oriented methodology that streamlines implementation projects, gets you up and running quickly and accelerates adoption and time to first value

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Collibra University is a free, self-paced online learning and certification platform where all Data Citizens can go to learn.

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An online community and knowledge repository where Data Citizens exchange ideas, knowledge, and best practices.

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