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And This is Data Governance

Collibra is true data governance.

It’s a cross-organizational data governance platform that delivers openness and freedom. It breaks down traditional data silos and opens up organizational data so all users can find the data they need, collaborate on it, and easily understand its meaning. Most of all, Collibra enables all data citizens to trust the data. Trust in the data is what unlocks its full potential to drive competitive advantage. Who wouldn’t want that? After all, it’s your data.

The Company Behind the Platform

Collibra is the company behind the data governance platform for all data citizens. We build and sell the software and operating models, and provide professional services to speed our customers’ journeys to true data governance.

We also run Collibra University, host the Collibra Community for our customers, hold the annual Data Citizens Conference and on-going Data Citizen City Tours in cities around the world. Collibra brings true data governance to your business through local offices in North America and Europe, and via partners in Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

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Our Story

We created Collibra when we set out to rethink the boundaries of what your data could do for you. And we didn’t just make a better product. Instead, we gave data leaders everywhere a solution for building a holistic data ecosystem of software, processes, people, and information so they can provide data that works for everyone.

We modeled the Collibra data governance platform after the best collaborative digital communities to be flexible, transparent, and human. We replaced rigid rules with open collaboration. The result is data governance that’s second nature, from day one.  We’re ushering in an era of data participation. An era when every employee—from the entry-level to the C-suite—is equally empowered with the knowledge and skills to create and share data that’s more reliable, transparent, and productive.

We believe that making all the organizational data transparent, understandable, usable, and trustworthy for every data citizen just makes sense. It’s your data.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers are people in all kinds of businesses, everywhere, who use data to do their jobs. We call them data citizens.

More and more companies have a Chief Data Officer (CDO) whose job is to ensure that all data citizens across the organization can FIND the data they need, UNDERSTAND the data and TRUST it to make better decisions.

Collibra is the platform that enables CDOs to do this in a systematic, repeatable, and scalable way.

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