Data Quality
data quality

Sophisticated Data Governance + Continuous Data Quality = More Business Value

It’s the ultimate “garbage in, garbage out” quandary. Data can be an organization’s most valuable asset — but only to the degree its quality can be validated and trusted.

Data governance and data quality have traditionally been separate disciplines. But combining a company’s initiatives to improve the quality of data within the context of Collibra data governance creates a collaborative framework for managing and defining enterprise-wide policies, business rules, and assets to provide the necessary level of quality control for your data. The result? Enhanced risk management, reduced operational costs, and improved customer retention, just for starters.

Collibra unlocks significant benefits to ensure accountability and lasting business value.

  • Easily define business rules and policies and make these accessible and visible
  • Implement policy through business rules and quality rules; enforce compliance through issue management and data quality reporting

  • Deliver meaningful business dashboards that answer key questions about your data’s quality
  • Enable data citizens and data stewards to collaboratively resolve data issues