New IDC white paper shows Collibra Data Intelligence delivers tangible business value

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There’s no arguing about it. Data is foundational for every organization.

To stay competitive, savvy executives must leverage data to increase enterprise intelligence, an especially critical strategy as companies look to reduce costs and drive more revenue in the midst of a global economic slowdown.

To explore the value and benefits organizations can expect, Collibra sponsored research by leading analyst firm IDC that looked across eight organizations with experience and knowledge about the benefits and costs of using Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

See how Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin transformed their healthcare operations with Collibra’s help.

Read their story and learn how you can achieve similar results!

Based on their research, IDC estimates that study participants are seeing an average annual benefit of $9.1 million per organization and a 484% return on investment (ROI) over a three-year period.

Get the white paper now: The Business Value of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

 Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Collibra, The Business Value of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, doc #US49015022, October 2022

Organizations realized these financial gains by:

  • Bolstering the productivity of data analytics, compliance, application development, and data governance teams, among others, by increasing cross-organizational data usage
  • Reducing costs through automation, which in turn enhanced data quality, reduced errors, accelerated data issue remediation, and optimized governance to provide more context and trust for mission-critical data
  • Increasing revenue as a result of better decision-making

“We had a homegrown data management system, heavily based on Excel. However, as we matured, we wanted a commercial solution. After a review cycle, we selected Collibra.”

From The IDC White Paper, sponsored by Collibra, ‘The Business Value of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud’

 How Collibra is making a difference

In the IDC white paper, you’ll learn that interviewed organizations attributed significant improvements to their operations and business because of their use of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

Customers described increasing the efficiency and value of cross-organizational data usage by improving the effectiveness of core users and data end-users.

Specifically, customers appreciated that Collibra provided:

  Single source of truth

  Unified complex data models historically stored across the organization

  Reduced expenses (compared to legacy systems)

“Everybody is now talking about bringing things into the data catalog. They recognize we now have a single source of truth that is undisputed. This gives people confidence about what path they need to pursue. For people that are new to this, they can see examples in Collibra that help them understand how they need to manage/use data.”

From IDC White Paper, sponsored by Collibra, ‘The Business Value of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud’

 The ultimate benefit: Long-term value

 The competitive pressures aren’t getting any easier. To stay ahead in a digital-first world, organizations must put data first.

 But as data becomes more distributed, more diverse, and more dynamic, it becomes less trusted.

 With Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, customers get a platform for trusted data that serves as a foundation for enterprise growth in an uncertain world.

And with trusted data comes tangible business value.

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