Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

A data intelligence platform powered by active metadata


With active metadata at its core, Collibra Data Intelligence Platform delivers trusted data for every user, every use case and across every source. Collibra creates the critical alignment that accelerates smarter decision making. Increase productivity and drive innovation — while minimizing risk and reducing costs — by using our unified data intelligence platform.


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What's new in Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

Collibra's latest release (May 2024) includes new innovations to help data leaders:

  • Drive data governance adoption with an updated user interface
  • Query and collaborate around data with Collibra Data Notebook
  • Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate data quality and governance
  • Deliver more reliable, traceable and compliant AI

Improve AI model effectiveness and lower data risk

Catalog, assess and monitor any AI use case to deliver trusted and valuable AI.

Find and understand data assets

Deliver faster insights with automated discovery and curation.

Simplify governance with business collaboration

Increase transparency into the data landscape to maximize data usage while minimizing risk.

Monitor, validate and certify data health

Monitor data quality, validate data health and remediate with no-code and self-service rules.

Gain end-to-end visibility into data

Visualize how data flows, transforms and is used across the data landscape.

Protect critical data and enforce access policies

Define data access policies and automatically enforce them to protect sensitive data.

Discover and mitigate data privacy risk

Automate the enforcement of data privacy, while assessing the regulatory risk from sensitive data.

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