Felix Van de Maele

Collibra Founder, CEO

United by Data™ — the real power of data lies in unity

Data can unite every person, team and system in your company. It just needs to be easy to find, understand and use.

Hear how our CEO describes United by DataTM

Managed data

Data is scattered, and that’s okay

It’s not about “reining in” distributed data, it’s about capitalizing on its diversity to unify your company. With flexible governance, you can create a common language and shared understanding of all your data without moving any of it. And you can eliminate disconnected, disjoined views of information.

Trusted data

You’ll only go as far as bad data takes you

Increasing trust in your data increases the pace of innovation. It amplifies the impact of AI and machine learning. And the only way to achieve it is to implement automated, intelligent processes that curate quality data.

Accessible data

Data only works when people can work with it

If your teams can’t effectively access data, what’s the point of having it? If they can’t evaluate it, they can’t use it. With one data catalog for your entire company delivering secure, self-service accessbility, everyone can find and safely share the information they need.

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Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Let’s get together on this

We’ll change how you use data, so you can change the world. Let’s connect your teams to information they can use and trust, so they can do well and do more. It’s how you’ll move your business forward — United by DataTM.

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