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Access to trusted data

Remove obstacles to grant all Data Citizens seamless access to relevant data, with full transparency and rich context.

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Automation of data processes

Enable your organization with data they need, understand where that data is coming from and share data with others to drive business intelligence – easily.

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Enterprise-wide collaboration

Foster collaboration across departments and teams to facilitate the sharing of data, reports and information to drive business value.

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What is Data Intelligence?

Data Intelligence: It’s the future, and it’s now

Data Intelligence is about understanding the positive effect data can have on the business, and offering the ability to create that impact. Data Intelligence is the result of connecting the right data, insights, algorithms and people to allow all Data Citizens to optimize processes, increase efficiency and drive innovation.

Start your Data Intelligence journey

Developing a data culture

Adobe uses Collibra to strengthen its data culture and enable 18,000 employees to seamlessly access the information they need.

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Driving data transparency

AXA XL relies on Collibra to ensure employees can easily access the right data and can focus on their real work.

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Delivering value through data

“Data Intelligence allows any Data Citizen to uncover and extract the strategic value hidden in your data. It gives everyone the power to use data to solve problems, implement ideas, and grow businesses.”

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Felix Van de Maele

Cofounder and CEO, Collibra