Diversity, equity and inclusion

Connected by an equitable, inclusive and diverse culture

Collibra's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

Creating a shared understanding of data starts with considering a wide range of perspectives. That’s why authenticity and belonging are embedded into our culture. At Collibra, we know that uniting different identities, backgrounds and viewpoints lays the foundation for dynamic and inventive teams that can solve tough problems, realize bold ambitions and succeed together.

Collibrians are committed to creating equitable experiences, celebrating our identities and developing our inclusion muscle so that every Collibrian feels seen, heard and valued. Only then are our teams fully empowered to pursue excellence and change how organizations use data so our customers can change the world.

We center our work on five strategic themes

We’re building a community

Collibrians around the world celebrate each other’s differences, and recognize the similarities we all share. Our Equity and Impact Communities are one of the many ways in which we’re fulfilling our commitment to inclusion by design. These community-founded and community-led groups create a more welcoming environment for all Collibrians to establish connections that can bridge borders and perspectives.


The “Black Latinx Employee Networking & Development” community aims to develop, amplify, celebrate and promote Black and Latinx Collibrians.


Collibra Pride

We foster an environment where people of all gender identities and sexual orientations can grow and succeed as their authentic selves.



We created a supportive outlet for Collibrians with families to connect, make recommendations, and ask for advice at all stages of family.


Our mission is to provide a community that shares traditions, fosters professional development, and encourages advocacy for the advancement of Asians.

Planet Collibra

Planet Collibra contributes to climate initiatives to address the climate crisis. We help bring Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy to life.

Women of Collibra

Women of Collibra is a community of women+ amplifying and supporting the progress and advancement of women+ throughout their careers.


Women in Tech

Women in Tech recognizes the importance of gender equity in tech and connects and supports women+ in our Engineering and Product organizations. 



Our world is rich in neurodiversity and so is Collibra. Neurodiversity@ promotes and celebrates the strengths, values and uniqueness of neurodiverse people.



Our proud community of employee veterans is celebrated through community support and shared experiences.