Collibra’s Chief Product Officer shares the story behind new product innovations

I just stepped off the stage in San Diego, Calif., where I announced a slew of new Collibra innovations – and what an amazing experience to share this unveiling with customers and users who have come together from around the world!

We are at Data Citizens ‘22 right now, our annual conference that brings together some of the brightest minds in data. This year it’s all about making your journey toward true data intelligence easier and faster. It’s about making it easier to get started, use, manage and scale with incredible user experiences that make relevant, trusted data accessible to your entire organization. It’s about scale, agility, performance, security and, of course, cost effectiveness.

We know businesses are striving for data intelligence, yet close to 72% are struggling to establish a true data culture and drive adoption. That’s why we are introducing so many new innovations and capabilities to improve search, collaboration, insights, data quality, data protection, and automation. We are building products to make data accessible to all users, even those who don’t have any background in data. 

Be inspired by Lockheed Martin’s data-driven transformation with Collibra’s help. Read their customer story and learn how you can achieve similar results!

Today, we’re introducing Collibra Data Marketplace, designed for an easier, faster experience for all users. Type in a single word and get the most relevant results – as simple as a Google search. You don’t have to be a data steward or technical expert to use it and get the most out of it. I’ve spoken to so many customers who are thrilled about Collibra Data Marketplace because they can get up and running faster and share quality data across their enterprises.

Our new homepage also makes it easier for users to get started with a simple, tailored experience. Based on popular searches or your browsing history, zero in quickly on what is most relevant to you. This is an intuitive experience for easier navigation every time you log into Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

Usage Analytics will help you boost your data literacy and user adoption. You can be more proactive in your adoption efforts with real-time insights into who is using Collibra along with which communities, domains and assets are used the most – or are not used at all.

With our new Workflow Designer, now in beta, we are making it easier for teams to build, understand and collaborate on workflows. We are really excited about the Workflow Designer, because it is now fully integrated into the Collibra platform, and with its drag and drop interface anyone can build workflows, no coding necessary! And we know our customers are excited about this too.

Today we are also announcing several offerings to ensure you can meet the changing data landscape with the scale, agility, performance and security that are must-haves for every organization. Everyone is dealing with large volumes and variety of data, typically coming from multiple sources, and often spread across the cloud and on-premises.

Collibra Protect is a game changer, enabling you to build data protection policies in minutes without writing code. It allows you to centrally create policies once and automatically enforce them within cloud platforms, ensuring that only the right people get access to the right data. Initially available with Snowflake, we will also be adding support for other cloud platforms.

We are also introducing a cloud offering of Collibra Data Quality & Observability. This cloud offering brings scalability, agility and security to data quality operations across multiple clouds to reduce IT overhead and provide real-time updates.

Another new offering, Data Quality Pushdown for Snowflake, in beta, gives organizations the ability to process data quality operations in Snowflake. Reap the benefits of managing data quality in the cloud without having to worry about egress charges and dependencies on Spark compute. 

And finally, we are going big with integrations to support the vast majority of businesses that have up to five different types of data in pipelines and up to 10 different types of data storage or management technologies. Collibra is partnering with the world’s leading technology organizations to deliver trusted data with new integrations now in beta with Snowflake for deeper technical lineage, Azure Data Factory and Google Cloud Storage. We’re committed to meeting customers where they are today and are working with one of the largest partner communities in the industry to answer their needs.

No matter how diverse your data landscape is, Colllibra is your one, single system of engagement – and it is only getting better. This is a big day and there is so much to take in. You can take a deep dive and ask plenty of questions during our Nov. 16 webinar.

I am headed back into Data Citizens ‘22 right now to talk with and learn from our amazing customers and data leaders. If I don’t see you in person, please know how grateful I am for sharing your experiences, asks and pain points. And a big thank you to our Collibra teams for envisioning and building these innovative solutions that make today unforgettable and tomorrow an incredible opportunity.

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Want to learn more about the new innovations?

Register for the webinar!

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