Better together: Collibra wins Google Cloud 2023 Partner of the Year Award for Data Governance


Great news! We’ve been named a Google Cloud Data Governance Partner of the Year  —  recognized for our innovative thinking, outstanding customer service, and best-in-class use of Google Cloud products and services.

To ensure organizations around the world can rely on trusted data to derive even more value from their cloud investments, Google Cloud and Collibra are fully committed to our partnership. In fact, Collibra is the only data intelligence solution that augments Google Cloud native governance functionality with an aligned integration and joint solution strategy. 

Today, Collibra is Google Cloud’s partner of choice for multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and enterprise-wide data intelligence. 

The data intelligence solution for Google Cloud

At Collibra, our mission is to enable  our customers to do more with their data.   

But data that’s unreliable can’t help drive smart decisions. 

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud ensures secure and streamlined access to trusted data across your organization.   This easy access ensures data democratization, helps create a more agile team, and ultimately, increases data intelligence across the business. For data-driven industries – and, today, that’s just about every sector of the economy – Collibra extends Google Cloud functionality to drive data intelligence for all data citizens, both technical and non-technical, including business analysts, legal stakeholders, and many more. 

With Collibra Data Governance and Google Cloud, your organization can:

  • Find, understand, and trust data across the entire enterprise by augmenting Dataplex with market-leading multi-cloud,  hybrid cloud governance, and data cataloging
  • Activate data from across the enterprise by identifying data for Data Cloud migration in analytics, reporting, and AI use cases
  • Unlock data intelligence to engage data citizens across your organization by creating an enterprise data marketplace for all personas

Check out  our Dataplex integration, currently  in beta and available now on Google Cloud Marketplace

Want to do more with your data?

Learn more about Google Cloud and Collibra

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