Collibra Data Quality & Observability

Catch bad data before it catches you

Monitor data quality and data pipeline reliability to help quickly identify and remediate anomalies.

Connect to data easily and execute jobs efficiently

Run on any cloud, connect to more than 40 databases and file systems, and scan data where it resides via pushdown or pull-up processing.

Learn how Collibra offers Data Quality with Pushdown for Databricks, Snowflake and Google Big Query.

Respond to changing conditions with AI-generated AdaptiveRules

Generate thousands of monitoring controls in minutes and adapt to breaking trends automatically so bad data isn’t sent downstream.

Discover data classes for automated enforcement

Classify sensitive data using out-of-the-box, industry-specific rules to automatically identify broken records and enforce data quality rules.

Write data quality rules with Generative AI

Write complex data quality rules with natural language prompts and accelerate custom rule creation with reusable rule templates.

Audit and monitor data pipeline health

Understand data pipeline health by business unit and data source to reveal blindspots in data operations and segment one-off incidents from system-wide hiccups.

Detect unexpected schema changes

Monitor schema evolution and unexpected schema drift to ensure validity and prevent potential issues on assets like dashboards and reports.

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