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Reliable data is elusive. Power with Pushdown.

Tackle data quality with your data platform of choice for faster processing and increased ROI. Data Quality & Observability Pushdown uses your existing data platform resources to scan billions of records in seconds for fast and secure anomaly detection, ensuring consistent and reliable data under one solution. Auto-generated SQL queries are pushed to your select platform, eliminating the reliance on an intermediary compute plane for fast, effective and secure processing.

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Collibra and Databricks are bridging the gap between business and technical stakeholders to optimize data modernization strategies and accelerate access to insights that drive business growth, improve efficiencies and mitigate compliance risks across disparate data sources.
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Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a suite of computing services that lets you build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. Together, Google Cloud and Collibra enable companies to access trusted data to drive insights and improve business outcomes.
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The powerful combination of Collibra Data Intelligence Platform with Snowflake Data Cloud gives enterprises the ability to easily discover and scale access to trusted data. The unique features and complementary capabilities of both platforms enable enterprises to increase data usage, collaboration and ultimately help enterprises deliver faster insights and innovation.
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Improve efficiency

Tap into the built-in scalability, flexibility and elasticity of your data platforms.

Reduce data vulnerability

Get faster and more secure data quality processing with your platform of choice.

Reduce latency and remove Spark dependency

Simply leverage your existing platform investment for ease of use and high performance.

Identify and fix data quality issues faster

Get complete visibility into the quality of your data with supported partners from one central location.

Improve data governance

Scale regulatory compliance with data discovery and enforcement.

Drive trusted business decisions

Streamline data operations and increase productivity to drive better outcomes with high quality data.

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Learn more about Collibra Data Quality & Observability

Modern stacks are complicated, making it hard to keep track of data quality. But there’s a solution. Collibra Data Quality & Observability monitors data quality and data pipeline reliability to help you rapidly remediate anomalies.

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