The top 3 reasons we are excited about Snowflake Summit

We are thrilled to be a sponsor at Snowflake Summit 2022! With over 250 sessions and 10 tracks, this conference brings together thousands of data professionals to learn, network, and engage with their peers. Visit us at booth #621 from June 13-16 to see live demos of our product and connect with the Collibra team.

But that is not all…On June 15th we are making an exciting product announcement in partnership with Snowflake. Look out for the press release to learn more! 

Here are the top 3 reasons we can’t wait for the Snowflake Summit: 

1.Hear about implementing a data mesh strategy from our customer, Cox Automotive

Collibra customer, Cox Automotive, is transforming the way the world buys, sells, owns, and uses vehicles. During our session on June 15, you can hear Lacy Murrah and David Mitchell from Cox Automotive along with Koen Van Duyse from Collibra discuss implementing a data mesh architecture with Snowflake and Collibra. 

You will learn:

  • What data mesh can do for your organization
  • How to navigate along your data mesh journey
  • How Cox Automotive brought 26 business units together with data mesh

2. Join us at Booth #621 to see how Collibra can help you make the most of your data

    Along with offering information on data mesh, we also have a booth to let you see Collibra and Snowflake in action. You will get to see how the powerful combination of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud with Snowflake’s platform gives enterprises the ability to easily discover and understand trusted data. See the following demos at our booth, as well as the new product demo to be announced on the 15th.

    Data Quality & Observability

    Data quality is crucial to any data-driven business decision. Collibra helps you ensure high quality data by proactively managing data issues across Snowflake with a business-friendly scorecard—ensuring that everyone can trust your data. 

    Here’s how it can benefit your company: 

    • Use predictive data quality and observability, along with the power of machine learning, to generate adaptive data quality rules and identify data errors early on in the lifecycle before bad data makes its way into the hands of users.
    • Maintain compliance at scale by continuously monitoring data for completeness, timeliness, accuracy, and validity.
    • Reduce the risk and cost of migrating data by validating the integrity of data between its source and the Snowflake ecosystem.
    • Build trust by proactively detecting and remediating data issues, and by translating enterprise data governance standards into data quality rules that ensure complete, consistent, and accurate data. 

    Data Catalog

    When you are working with large amounts of data, having a data catalog can make your processes more efficient. At our booth, we show you how using Collibra Data Catalog can help you get full visibility of all data stored in Snowflake Data Cloud, to ensure your high-value data is discoverable, understood, and ready to use. 

    This can benefit your organization in the following ways: 

    • Increase the adoption of your cloud data approach by securely cataloging and controlling data in Snowflake.
    • Remove the friction for business analysts to access data by making data easier to discover and understand.
    • Automatically map relationships to understand where data comes from, how it transforms and flows from system to system, and how it is used.

    3. We love our partnership with Snowflake

    Whether you have worked with Collibra or Snowflake before or you’re hearing about them for the first time, attending our booth will offer a great chance to learn more about how we can help you unlock the power of your data. 

    Snowflake offers enterprises a highly flexible, scalable, and elastic platform for accessing data from across multiple businesses and systems. Complementing it, Collibra is built around governance and designed to be open and extensible, accelerating data democratization and enabling enterprise collaboration.

    The unique features and complementary capabilities of both platforms enable enterprises to increase data usage and collaboration, and ultimately help them deliver faster insights and innovation.

    That’s why we highly recommend you attend our booth during the Snowflake Summit. Through this event, we will guide you to understand how you can leverage this partnership to maintain flexibility with different data approaches and improve decision-making for data stored in Snowflake. 

    Along with providing all this information, we will also be making an exciting product announcement, so reserve your tickets today and stay tuned for updates.

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