The must-have checklist for maximizing the value of your data catalog and governance investments with Collibra

Just in time for the holidays, we’re giving away an informative checklist that’ll help new Collibra customers from pre-installation all the way through implementation and adoption. 

Get the Enterprise Launch Checklist.

Many implement, much fewer achieve adoption

The reality is that most enterprises want a data intelligence solution. Many implement one. 

But a much smaller percentage actually adopt and integrate data intelligence into their decision-making, according to the 2022 Data Intelligence Index

In fact only 28% of respondents said they widely adopted and used data intelligence across their organizations. 

The IDC study, which Collibra commissioned, reveals additional significant insights from a survey of more than 1,200 senior professionals, including:

  • Mature data intelligence is strongly correlated with more successful business outcomes
  • Companies with the highest data intelligence maturity are seeing 3X better outcomes  

And while few have widely adopted data intelligence, you can achieve success when you have a plan.

A plan for launch and beyond

Maybe you’re considering the purchase of a data intelligence solution like Collibra. Or maybe you’ve already signed the contract, but now you’re wondering how you’re going to get everyone on-board.

There is a real risk that implementation won’t lead to adoption. Inertia. Rigid process and legacy lock-in constraints. Lack of vision. As the IDC study shows, there are serious challenges to driving widespread adoption of data intelligence.

To drive adoption, you need to start planning now. To not only think about technical implementation, but also about how to build a team of champions from all aspects of your organization that will help make data intelligence at your organization a success.  

The good news is that — with the help of our Enterprise Launch Checklist — you have a plan. You’ll find a detailed set of recommendations that begin 6 months prior to purchase and extend to a full 12 months after launch.

Here’s an excerpt from the Checklist

First 6 Weeks of Implementation

You’ve reached the moment when initial configuration can begin. The focus of this stage is to implement the first use case or minimum viable solution (MVS) and develop a repeatable model and materials to support any future expansion efforts. 

  • Onboard and train the MVS team. Deliver training that is meaningful and accessible. As much as possible, structure your training to map it to key roles and tailor your material based on individual experience levels and availability. Ensure the training is focused on educating people in areas that impact or improve their day-to-day tasks.

The Checklist offers a broad set of recommendations that apply well beyond technical implementation. You’ll get recommendations on everything from aligning stakeholders to workflows to your brand and communications plan (think emails, posters, and webinars).  

Maximize your Collibra investment

Implementation is just the beginning. To drive data intelligence across your organization and achieve wide adoption is challenging. 

With this checklist, however, you’re armed with more than just a suite of recommendations. You’ll have a vision and a roadmap to getting the most out of your data intelligence investment.

If you’re considering Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, you’re on your way to amplifying organizational trust in how data is created, understood, accessed, used, and managed. You can elevate your organization’s ability to understand its entire data landscape. 

Our helpful checklist guides you every step of the way and includes:

  • A plan for aligning stakeholders before purchasing Collibra
  • A framework for setting yourself up for success at launch
  • A step-by-step guide to thriving in the first 6 weeks of implementation
  • A post-launch plan to keep the cultural momentum going

Use our Enterprise Launch Checklist to help you drive data intelligence adoption and data intelligence maturity across your organization.

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