Supporting mental wellbeing at Collibra: Introducing Calm

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Collibrians work hard to deliver market-leading data intelligence solutions for our customers.  That’s why we offer a variety of wellbeing benefits at Collibra. We believe that taking care of our mental health is one of the best things we can do to keep ourselves on a path toward achieving our mission, which is why we are excited to launch a new benefit for our team: a free premium subscription to Calm.

Every Collibrian and five of their family and friends can now access:

  • 100+ guided meditations that cover anxiety, stress, gratitude, and much more
  • A library of Sleep Stories which contains soothing bedtime tales suitable for both grown-ups and children (new stories added every week!)
  • Guided breathing exercises, such as the Breathe Bubble
  • Music tracks designed to promote focus, relaxation, and sleep
  • Calm’s Masterclasses taught by world-renowned experts
  • Brand new daily meditations and movement sessions as part of their Dailies series

Collibrians have already found ways to enhance their daily work with Calm. Workplace Team Lead Kat Hong says she is loving the Calm app. “I tried the Daily Move session, and it was such a quick and peaceful way to get my morning started.”

Darci Dunn, Collibra Global Benefits team member, says Calm’s wide variety of resources is one of the reasons they’re excited to introduce this benefit. “Calm is a great addition to our global benefit offerings because it gives Collibrians a resource they can use to take care of their mental health in so many different situations. Whether they need to focus for a big meeting or want a quick meditation, as well as sleep stories or music, to help them disconnect from work, Calm’s extensive library has something for them.” 

Wellbeing benefits at Collibra

Calm is just one of many benefits that support different aspects of wellbeing.

Every Collibrian receives quarterly Flex Funds that can be used on numerous health and wellness expenses. Some popular uses for Flex Funds include groceries, gym memberships, childcare, pet care, mental health services, and continuing education. 

“Every person is unique, and by providing a variety of programs, Collibrians can access the tools and resources that will help them thrive.”

We provide free mental health and coaching services through Modern Health. Modern Health’s team of licensed therapists are trained to help on a range of mental health needs, including anxiety and stress, and their certified coaches provide support in meeting personal or career goals.

Software Engineer Haydee Ortiz-Garrido says Modern Health’s services have helped her navigate both personal and professional challenges. “The resources we get from Collibra, like the counseling and coaching sessions, have been life-saving. They helped me figure out how I can focus and balance my priorities.”

To further support balance, we build recharge time and focus time into our schedules. “Fridays Unplugged” are days off for relaxing and recharging throughout the year — in addition to holidays and paid time off. And most Wednesdays are “Meeting Free,” meaning we avoid scheduling internal calls. This provides Collibrians with extra focus time and helps alleviate Zoom fatigue. 

“When most people consider company benefits, they probably think of healthcare, retirement plans, and PTO. Those programs are absolutely important, and there are many other ways we can further support wellbeing. Every person is unique, and by providing a variety of programs, Collibrians can access the tools and resources that will help them thrive,” says Global Benefits team member Dominique Williams.

A culture that supports being well

In addition to our formal benefits programs, many Collibrians say our flexible culture helps them maintain balance and wellbeing. 

Eileen Jones, a Senior Product Manager, explains it like this: “Teammates are so flexible and accommodating about daycare dropoff, appointments, having a child on your lap in a meeting, etc., and everyone is open about how their home life impacts their availability. This prioritization is respected, and it takes so much of the stress out of juggling responsibilities.”

Calm is just the latest addition to our ever-evolving {Be}well benefits program. Our Global Benefits team is always listening and researching what kinds of benefits will best support Collibrians as we all work together toward our mission.

Want to know more about how Collibra supports wellbeing?

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Want to know more about how Collibra supports wellbeing?

Check out our Benefits

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