Q4 2023 Collibra release: helping customers reduce data risks and improve productivity


Our final feature release of the year is here with a focus on reducing data risks and improving productivity by helping our customers to:

  • Reduce data security and privacy risks with a new Assessment API for accessing data assessments and the ability to bring your own masking for both Snowflake and Databricks
  • Increase visibility and improve productivity with expanded lineage details for dbt Core, dbt Cloud, and Databricks Unity Catalog as well as a new API for streamlining user management
  • Gain greater efficiency and lower the cost of running data quality with Data Quality Pushdown for BigQuery

Along with our release we are also announcing new and enhanced services and educational offerings to help you get started and drive value faster.

Reducing data security and privacy risks

Deeper privacy insights with streamlined access to assessment data

In this release, Collibra introduces a new API for Assessments that lets you quickly connect and access assessment data for deeper reporting and analytics. With the new API, you’ll also be able to kick-off an assessment workflow, ensuring the proper stakeholders are engaged. 

Privacy assessments are an integral part of any privacy program. Assessments help you validate the risks related to personal data you hold as a result of your business processes. In the past, many organizations used manual processes and spreadsheets to track and manage assessment information which not only takes too much time, but can also be error prone and could lead to negative outcomes. Collibra Assessments are templatized questionnaires that help you identify and mitigate data-related risks while keeping a detailed and auditable record of responses

Enhanced data protection using custom data masking 

Data masking is a great option for ensuring sensitive data is kept private. Out of the box, Collibra Protect offers several methods for obfuscating data to keep it safe. For users that want to use third-party masking providers or advanced masking methods, we are now happy to offer Bring Your Own (BYO) Masking for both Snowflake and Databricks users. With BYO Masking, custom functions will be applied to every data category and class and organizations will be able to provide consistent masking techniques and tools for their entire enterprise. 

Improved enterprise security with the ability to bring your own key 

We now enable you to BYO key for encrypting your Collibra data and backups. This includes full control of key creation and managing its lifecycle (creation, rotation, and retirement) independent of Collibra, giving you complete control over who can and can’t access your data. 

Improving productivity and expanding visibility 

Simplify user management tasks with automation 

Improve user onboarding and management with a new System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) API. This new API enables you to automate your Collibra user or group management tasks such as creating, updating, and deleting user accounts or groups. Automating these tasks results in a smoother onboarding and off-boarding experience for your users and ensures that users have timely access to your Collibra environment.

Increase understanding of your dbt Cloud and dbt Core data with technical lineage

View detailed column-level technical lineage from dbt with the new technical lineage integration for dbt Cloud and dbt Core. These new capabilities help you quickly understand how dbt transformed data, and the impact of potential changes. Stitching and visualizing dbt lineage allows for a more comprehensive end-to-end lineage. 

Get a complete picture of your Databricks data using the new lineage integration

Our latest Databricks lineage integration, now available in public beta, provides a clear understanding of where data came from and how it has been used. With this new integration, lineage information is ingested from the lineage system table in Databricks Unity Catalog (now available in preview) where it can be stitched together and visualized with lineage from across other sources, helping users to understand the origin of data and all transformations and usage throughout the data lifecycle.

Improve visibility of your data landscape with unified data classification on Edge

Quickly locate any type of data across all of your data sources with full data classification capabilities for Edge users, now available in public beta.  This new feature enables processing of data samples within your own environment helping to reduce data risk and helps you get your data classified even faster with even more out-of-the-box data classes.

Quickly find the data you need with the new similarity tab in Data Marketplace 

Faster time to value with the new similarity tab in Data marketplace, now available in public beta. This new capability uses proprietary AI algorithms to provide recommendations for similar data so you don’t have to spend time searching for the data you need.

A seamless search user experience using the improved search indexing capabilities 

Increase efficiency with new search indexing capabilities, now available as public beta. This new feature provides updates to search without the need for downtime enabling you to make changes to search as needed while providing your users with a seamless experience.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs for data quality

Highly performant Data Quality Pushdown for BigQuery 

Deliver trusted data for users of Google BigQuery with Collibra Data Quality Pushdown. Securely process your data directly in your data cloud for faster results using fewer costly resources. This release includes the general availability of Data Quality Pushdown for BigQuery.

Data Quality Pushdown enables you to increase efficiency by scanning billions of records in seconds without a dependency on Spark, so you can process, access and use your data faster. Plus, you’ll see lower costs by securely processing data in BigQuery, eliminating fees for data egress.

Improving time to value 

In addition to the new release features, we are also offering new services and education to ensure you can drive maximum value from your Collibra investment. 

Advancing skills for select users with new Premium Education subscriptions 

We are excited to introduce our new Premium Education subscription. This paid subscription service provides designated learners exclusive access to advanced self-paced learning courses, virtual labs, and public instructor-led training courses, where they’ll tackle topics like configuration, customization, troubleshooting, and more. And to further enhance Collibra University overall, we’ve added several new self-paced courses, such as Navigating Catalog Assets for Data Consumers, Create and Update Assets with the Import Wizard, Using Tableau’s Explorer Role to Harvest Technical Lineage, and many more. 

Realizing value faster with Rapid Start services 

To help you achieve value from Collibra even faster, we have enhanced our Rapid Start implementation offerings by adding new capabilities, metadata integrations, and more flexibility to our Rapid Start Essentials packages for both Data Intelligence Cloud and Data Quality. Plus, we now offer a brand new implementation service hyper-focused on Public Sector needs. 

Driving innovation and unlocking new capabilities with confidence

And to help customers achieve more with Collibra beyond their initial implementation, we have enhanced our Resident Enterprise Architect program to provide more flexibility, program management, and strategic deliverables. We have also introduced new Dashboard UX accelerators: targeted programs to develop dashboards for onboarding, personalized experiences, education and monitoring. Finally, we have enhanced our Accelerated Development Coaching Service to provide up to 20 hours (previously 10) with a dedicated Architect to see focused, high-impact projects through to completion.

Our latest 2023.11 release offers new features and capabilities that help you increase efficiency and reduce data risks. Together with the new and enhanced services offerings, it has never been faster and easier to get started on your data intelligence journey.

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