Knowledge Graph API Beta: Simplifying data retrieval with GraphQL


We recognize the significance of data retrieval for our customers. We understand that efficiently accessing and retrieving information holds immense importance in today’s business landscape. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the Beta for our new Knowledge Graph API, our first public GraphQL API. This powerful API is designed to simplify data retrieval processes, allowing you to access knowledge graph data such as communities, domains, assets, complex relations and other related data from Collibra in a synchronous manner.

Retrieving knowledge graph data from Collibra has been a complex and time-consuming task. We specifically developed the Knowledge Graph API to address this challenge and designed it using GraphQL, a widely adopted industry standard language for querying data. With the Knowledge Graph API, integrating data retrieval into your applications is much easier, resulting in faster development times and faster integration. 

The Knowledge Graph API offers a range of powerful features that streamline data retrieval including:

  • A comprehensive and improved set of filtering and sorting capabilities. These features empower users to refine their queries and obtain precisely the data they require, resulting in more efficient and targeted results. Whether you’re searching for specific assets in a domain or assets with certain attributes or relations, this API allows you to retrieve the desired information with ease and flexibility.
  • A robust pagination capability so users can retrieve data in smaller, more manageable, chunks. This allows for efficient handling of large result sets, providing smoother navigation through the data and improved performance. Pagination ensures that you can retrieve the data you need in a controlled and efficient manner.
  • Delivery of data in the widely adopted JSON format to ensure compatibility and interoperability. This format provides a standardized way of representing structured data, enabling easy consumption by a wide range of applications and systems.

It’s important to note that while the Knowledge Graph API is a significant step forward, it is not intended to replace our existing Output Module API. There are specific use cases where the output module may still be the preferred choice due to its support for certain types and sizes of data. The Knowledge Graph API complements the output module, offering an alternative approach to data retrieval and catering to scenarios where it excels, such as getting a list of columns containing a keyword from a table or list of reports containing a report attribute that is highly sensitive.

With the release of our Knowledge Graph API, we are empowering our customers to retrieve knowledge graph data more efficiently and effortlessly. By adopting GraphQL and adhering to industry standards, we have created a user-friendly and streamlined solution that simplifies integration and enhances data retrieval capabilities. 

Embrace the power of our Knowledge Graph API and unlock new possibilities for leveraging valuable insights from your data-driven applications.

For more information on the API, please read the latest documentation and check out the Collibra University course.

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