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Collibra wins the Google Cloud Award for the Smart Analytics category

We are excited to announce Collibra has won the Google Cloud Award for the Smart Analytics category, ranking us as one among several leading companies using Google Cloud to solve some of today’s biggest data challenges. This is great recognition for Collibra as we work to further our mission of offering a data analytics solution that balances broad functionality and ease of use.

Collibra augments the Google Smart Analytics Platform through providing critical enterprise functionality to GCP such as the ability to govern and catalog data across Cloud, On Prem and Multi Cloud environments. Furthermore, Collibra’s focus on the business user allows for customers to truly facilitate enterprise data intelligence, providing an easy to use front end system of engagement for all things data. Winning this award speaks to our ability to integrate with the GCP Smart Analytics Platform as well as the strategic imperative data intelligence brings to GCP Customers. 

Here are the top four reasons we are proud of partnership with GCP

The Smart Analytics award highlights the strength of our mutual vision, integration and value proposition to GCP customers. As a member of the Data Cloud Alliance, we are tightly aligned with GCP on their mission to solve modern data challenges and accelerate the path to value creation. As a new addition to this alliance, we are committed to working with the GCP team to reduce the challenges and complexities of data governance, data privacy and global compliance. But this is only the beginning of our partnership with Google. Here are our top four reasons we were awarded the Google Cloud Award for Smart Analytics: 

  1. Collibra is the only tool for all data citizens. Collibra unlocks the smart analytics platform to support the data needs of both technical and non-technical users. It helps both the power users of GCP and business analysts find, understand and trust data across GCP and the broader enterprise.
  2. Our data quality tool, available on GCP, allows for customers to leverage the power of Machine Learning to drastically improve the time to value of data quality initiatives. 
  3. Together we are changing the data market with the largest increase in providing GCP customers Collibra via the GCP Marketplace in 2022…and the number is only increasing! This shows the strength of our partnership and value proposition to customers and prospects. 
  4. Our partnership shapes how data is accessed, trust is enforced, policy is acted upon, and how data is shopped for in GCP. More specifically, Collibra complements Google’s governance and cataloging functionality with integrations beyond the GCP suite of technologies, an ideal experience for business users, and enterprise functionality to ensure data governance, cataloging and Data Marketplace initiatives can scale to the enterprise. 

Winning the Google Partner of the Year for Smart Analytics award is a testament to the strength of our partnership. We plan to continue to grow as partners and work together to ensure that all global businesses can easily and efficiently access their data so that they can make impactful data-driven business decisions. 

Want to learn more about our partnership with Google?

Visit our partner page

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