Collibra + MicroStrategy: Empowering trusted business reporting


Making data-driven business decisions is critical in today’s enterprise, but without trusted data the outcome can lead to poor results. Many organizations today are leveraging MicroStrategy to help make data-driven decisions and optimize business processes. With our latest MicroStrategy integration, Collibra can help streamline trusted business reporting and ensure the right business outcomes. 

With this integration you can get complete visibility of all your data including MicroStrategy projects, folders, dossiers, and reports right within Collibra. Trusted business reporting is further enabled with a deeper understanding of how data is used within reports and where it came from.

 Benefits our enhanced integration

This integration helps organizations use their data to make more trusted business decisions. 

Our enhanced MicroStrategy BI integration leverages MicroStrategy’s APIs to harvest metadata and ingest it in the form of assets, relations, and attributes into the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

In addition, the integration also provides technical lineage with stitching, as well as support for custom SQL (those using ​​MicroStrategy ONE or MicroStrategy on-prem version 10) and stitching. By creating technical lineage you can visualize how metrics, attributes, facts and columns relate to each other and link to reports. Analysts can deliver trusted business reporting and trace their reporting layer back to the physical and logical layer of the database for data discovery. This can be done through the diagram or technical lineage. Technical users can also trace the full lifecycle of the lineage with stitching capabilities that provide full end-to-end lineage. Source code is available for these technical users as well.

Stitching is critically important to provide a comprehensive view of how data moves and is transformed throughout its journey. A technical lineage graph can show the flow of data through external data sources, but doesn’t necessarily provide any information about assets in the data catalog. Stitching provides the bridge between the metadata ingested as assets in the data catalog and the technical lineage.

MicroStrategy is an essential tool to help organizations build reports in order to visualize and understand data. To ensure the report can be trusted you need to be able to trace the data from its source to your reports. Stitching creates the connection between the data objects in the MicroStrategy technical lineage, lineage from other sources, and the relevant assets in Collibra. Getting a complete picture of the lineage requires connecting MicroStrategy and other ETL tools, together with SQL data sources. This is where our support of both regular and custom SQL is so valuable.

The new MicroStrategy operating model includes assets for all attributes, attribute forms, facts, fact expressions, metrics, tables and columns. The MicroStrategy report, dossier and document asset pages now also include the certification status, the owner and the URL to the report.


By enabling a deep integration between Collibra and MicroStrategy you can take your trusted business reporting to new heights, and provide a more streamlined understanding of complex and time-consuming reporting processes. Check out our release notes to learn more about this integration and our Q3 release.

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