14 Collibrians share 14 reasons why Collibra is an awesome place to work

We are excited to celebrate Collibra’s 14th anniversary today! The past 14 years have been quite the journey and we are so proud of all our success. But Collibra as a company won’t be here today without the people. So in honor of the anniversary, we asked 14 employees why they think Collibra is such a special place to work. 


“For me, what makes Collibra great is the people. The Deal Desk, Finance, and IT teams are filled with some of the most intelligent, hard working people I have ever met. Their work ethic and demonstration of the “One Collibra” value truly pushes me every day to come into work as my best, authentic self. On top of that, I’ve been able to experience the genuine kindness of my coworkers to the point where I have been able to develop true friendships. I would also like to make a special shoutout to my manager, Matt Moore. From the beginning he has helped and guided me in my professional career and I’m so lucky to have such a great manager.”  – Dami Ojo, Business Process Manager


“Collibra is the company that made me realize my growth potential the most. My manager and team support me personally and professionally and they celebrate my achievements along the way. I love it here!” – Boris Ahodikpe, Enterprise Solution Architect


“I have been with Collibra for 4 years and my optimism about this organization grows stronger every year. The people and the culture makes us world class and I feel like my ideas, opinions and perspectives are valued. Some of the work days can be longer but there is always a sense of accomplishment. Leadership is transparent, approachable and humble. We have a lot of amazing talent that believes in the power of execution, consistency and collaboration!” – Manan Joshi, Senior Manager, Customer Success


“For me, it’s the people at Collibra that make Collibra awesome. Everyone genuinely wants to help and continually work together to improve things. It’s refreshing to have such hard-working and dedicated colleagues who care about doing what is best for our customers, partners, and employees.” – Rebecca Golden, Senior Manager, Technical Training


“Collibra has a great combination of really smart and passionate people from the top down that make this job fun and challenging. It’s been great to build relationships with people not just from a business perspective but real life as well. I have seen first hand how the challenges we are solving for our Healthcare customers help drive real change and faster outcomes. Hearing and seeing that is by far the best part of the job.” – Kevin Walsh, Senior Account Executive 


“It has been a privilege to witness Collibra growing exceptionally fast. Despite that, the unique culture and vibe remained. We all have fun, we are helpful and kind to each other.” – Rafał Pieniążek, Senior Software Engineer 


“Collibra is awesome because we have the best people. There’s genuine camaraderie and Collibrians care about each other and the work we do. We strive to treat each other well and to do right by our customers while providing a great experience with the best-in-class solution. While I’ve greatly enjoyed every opportunity to get together with my fellow Collibrans, my favorite memory was working through a problem with a cross-functional team of nearly 20 people. Each person brought their A-game and an empathetic perspective. They were open, direct, kind and committed to achieving a result that put the customer first. Most days at Collibra feel like that.” – Pamela Jones, Enterprise Customer Success Manager


“First of all, Collibra is a company of incredible and bright people. It’s a company that is setting up the direction for the entire industry. And it’s never boring here 🙂 Also, as a Ukrainian, I am proud to work in a company that has supported Ukraine since the very first days of war. Collibra has already donated 10 000 EUR to the D.A.T.A. initiative that will help to save hundreds of lives.” – Dmytro Lugovyi, Senior Customer Success Technologist


“Working at Collibra is awesome in that we truly embrace our values and everyone I work with is so collaborative and supportive. Being a part of a fast-growing organization, with peers and leaders who are genuinely excited and happy, makes it a fun and motivating environment to be a part of.” – Emma Nauman, Manager, Cloud Partnerships 


“When I look back over my time here – my experience has been great. I love my team and I can’t think of anything I would change. The experience has been great – the company is great. I love what I’m doing and I feel like the company is making a difference.” – Nathaniel Cooper, Senior Business Development Representative


“Before joining Collibra, I was skeptical of change. Six months later, I’m glad I made the jump – the journey has its bumps, but I feel part of something! Something incredible, something that empowers me and dynamises me each day. We’ve created an unrivaled culture that is open, direct & kind, and I love it!” – Alex Price, Global Early Career Program Manager


“Our Global culture of inclusiveness and multicultural sensitivity is an example for the world. Our management, from Stijn and Felix down to my immediate managers, Mike and Alexis, give me the freedom to do what I came here to do without micromanaging at all. Our Data Quality (DQ) team is truly an inspiration to me, and I wake up jazzed every day to serve our customers, and my fellow Collibrians.” – Laurent Weichberger, Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager DQ


“As Belgium’s first unicorn, Collibra’s journey is an incredibly inspiring example for those who dream of achieving global success.” – Tifenn Dano Kwan, Chief Marketing Officer 


“Collibra is a surprise. I never thought it was possible to find an environment where trial-and-error is encouraged and things happen because people want to make it better. Every day I’m amazed by the great talents Collibra attracts, and I feel motivated by small wins that we cheer over and big project launches that we celebrate. It’s the people who make Collibra a great place to work, and it is Collibra that enables its people to make working here great.” – Yu Zhang, Senior Project Manager, Digital 

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