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Visualization built from a solid foundation

The Collibra and Tableau partnership empowers organizations to make better data-driven business decisions. Tableau puts powerful analytics into the hands of all data citizens. But to get the most from those analytics, business users need to know where to find the right data; to understand its context and trust in its accuracy. Collibra empowers them to do just that. It also provides them with a platform to collaborate, socialize reports and share their trusted insights across the enterprise.

Enable self-service analytics
Develop more meaningful insights

“Tableau is the interface people use to see and understand their data, but the value is only as good as the data that customers can access. Collibra’s industry leading platform allows people to access multiple data sources and have data governance to ensure they are pulling the right data for their analytics needs. Collibra is critical for Tableau’s strategy to help customers derive more meaningful insights from their data.”

Brian Matsubara

Senior Director, Global Technology Alliances,


Solid foundation to creatively use data


Every company looks to make data-driven business decisions, but poor data quality can ultimately result in poor decisions. Collibra ensures that organizations can trust their data by engaging the entire organization to drive data quality via a collaborative platform that promotes stewardship and governance.


Making sense of data requires business context. Context means more than knowing where data is located. It means knowing whether data is current, who owns it, and who uses it. With Collibra, Tableau users can quickly and easily find trustworthy, pre-approved data to drive meaningful analysis and extended collaboration.

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In large enterprises, critical datasets can be locked away in silos owned by different business units and/or regional operations. Collibra gives analysts a view of what data exists across the enterprise and allows them to search for and discover the data they need.

Visualization and analysis

When it comes to deriving insights from data, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Tableau allows analysts to visualize all the trusted data housed in Collibra Catalog, enabling them to spot key patterns, trends or anomalies and turn trusted data into insights.

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