Collibra Data Quality

Predictive, continuous, self-service data quality

Data teams are often constrained by manual rule writing and management, with limited data connectivity and a siloed view of data quality. With predictive, continuous and self-service data quality, organizations can centralize and automate data quality workflows to gain better control over their end-to-end data pipelines and streamline analytics processes across the enterprise.

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Data Quality benefits

Benefit from an enterprise Data Quality solution

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Spend less time managing rules manually

Reduce complexity, bottlenecks, repetition and guesswork in data quality rule management.

Scale your response to global regulations

Audit data and generate reports to comply with regulations including GDPR, CCAR, BCBS 239, HIPAA and more.

Predict and prevent business disruptions

Continuously monitor data objects to discover violations of business rules and initiate remediation with the right data owners.

Accelerate business initiatives through data quality

Speed up the development of new data pipelines that integrate data quality.

Jumpstart future transformations and data initiatives

Securely move to new systems by cleansing data in advance of data migration projects.

Make trusted business decisions

Leverage high-quality, trusted data to drive strategic decisions across the enterprise.

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Your organization relies on up-to-date, accurate, and relevant data. Join our Data Citizens ‘21 session to learn about Collibra Data Quality, and how it helps continuously improve trust in your data and analytics.

Product capabilities

catalog native connectivity dv

Auto-discovered and adaptive rules

Leverage machine learning to generate explainable and autonomous data quality rules.

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catalog ml automation dv

Horizontal and vertical scalability

Scan large and diverse databases, files and streaming data.

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ccpa explore ccpa dv

Anomaly detection

Detect data drift, outliers, patterns and schema change.

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Data reconciliation

Identify missing records and broken relationships as you move data across systems.

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catalog embedded data governance dv

Sensitive data discovery

Automatically understand the semantic schema to classify, label and mask sensitive data.

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Self-service data quality

Empower technical and business users with a unified scoring system and personal alerts.

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━ A top 10 bank

“We reduced 60% of our manual data quality workload, leading to $1.7M+ savings.”

No complexity and repetition in rule management
━ A top three healthcare organization

“We saved 2,000 hours during a cloud migration.”

Automated data reconciliation and validation
━ A leading insurance organization

“We completed a regulatory audit in just four weeks, compared to two years with our previous tool.”

Quick data audit and assessment
━ A leading global investment bank

“We saved more than 25% in time and resources needed to build new DQ rules and avoided seven-figure audit fines by complying with mandatory regulations.”

Scalable and always-on data compliance
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