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Use data lineage to get the full story behind your data

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Enriched context

Match the right data set to the right business purpose

Data lineage reveals how data transforms through its life cycle across interactions with systems, applications, APIs and reports. Collibra Lineage automatically maps relationships between data to show how data sets are built, aggregated, sourced and used, providing complete, end-to-end lineage visualization.

Explore the power of data lineage
Lineage benefits

Understand the complete

context with data lineage

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Automate data mapping efforts

Automatically extract lineage from various source systems and keep it up to date. Free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Better understand your data

Understand the full context of your data to ensure that accurate, complete and trustworthy data is used to drive business decisions.

Conduct impact analysis

Enable impact analysis at a granular level — columnar, table, or business report — of any changes to downstream systems.

Help comply with regulations

Support BCBS239, GDPR, CCPA and other compliance efforts by tracking how data flows through various systems from source to destination.

Map data relationships faster

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Automated lineage extraction

Discover and extract lineage automatically from source systems, for an end-to-end view of your data with visibility into full data context.

Map data relationships automatically
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Business-friendly visualization

Trace data flows with an interactive data map that shows summary lineage from data source to report.

Visualize data flows

Detailed technical lineage

Access technical lineage to view transformations, drill down into table, column, and query-level lineage, and navigate through your data pipelines.

Explore technical lineage