Big Data
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Big Data: A Big Headache or a Big Advantage?

Big data promises to change the way we do business. Somewhere in our raw data lie the answers to our most important business questions, and the keys to competitive advantage. But extracting value from this vast amount of data can be a Herculean task for even the most sophisticated organization.

Collibra enables data citizens to understand the data available to them and how to access it – turning the quagmire of data into trusted business insights that drive competitive advantage.

Collibra helps organizations tame the big data deluge and unlock its business value by:

  • Providing a framework for setting data-usage policies and data standards
  • Implementing clear controls to ensure data remains accurate, consistent, and accessible

  • Enabling organizations to provide a set of information to their users, allowing them to leverage the power of their data
  • Automating data ingestion to ensure data quality in the data lake