data governance

Overcome the Data “Rorschach Effect”

Although 75% of businesses say they want to be data-driven, many struggle to analyze data for actionable insights. Often users can’t find the data, identify where it came from, or understand how the data has been changed over time. They’re unsure whether they’re allowed to use data, if it’s the right data in the first place, and if all users view and define this data in the same way. This interpretation of data through a subjective, personal lens creates the ultimate data “Rorschach effect.”

Collibra delivers the trustworthy data that users need to get the most out of their company’s analytics investment. Now, all data citizens can use self-service analytics tools, data visualization, and other business intelligence capabilities to confidently analyze data that facilitates enterprise decision-making and advances key business objectives.

Collibra helps organizations realize the true value of analytics by helping data citizens to:

  • Use a purpose-built, proven governance foundation to find the data, understand what it means, and trust that its right
  • Know the metrics performed on data have been “blessed” by their company thanks to functionality that supports watermarking and “certified” reports

  • Reduce internal “data brawls” by clearly demonstrating that the quality of data is beyond reproach
  • Understand how – and when – you can use and share the data