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Reference Data
reference data management

 Operationalize Your Data

You’re probably familiar with the most common types of reference data: postal codes, currency codes, cost centers, and other data classifications. Too often, though, standards for reference data management are inconsistent, causing process breakdowns and putting trustworthy business intelligence at risk.

Collibra Reference Data helps data citizens understand and use reference data, its hierarchies, and any crosswalks mapping one code to another. With a common understanding of how data is organized, classified, and connected, data users can confidently reconcile data across operational systems for more accurate reporting and analysis.

  • Use workflow automation to create new codes and code sets with appropriate controls
  • Deliver codes and code sets to users and analysts in a way that makes sense to them
  • Eliminate barriers to data use by enabling more accurate data mapping

  • Accurately compare data from different parts of the organization
  • Provision and integrate with your operational systems using Collibra Connect