Collibra Data Governance Center
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Say Goodbye to Data Brawls

Nobody likes meetings that crumble into fights over whose data is right. For data to be valuable, its owners need to agree on how it is used, shared, and protected. Collibra Data Governance Center is an enterprise-wide data governance solution that puts people and processes first, automating data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it.

  • Data Lineage Diagrams & Traceability: Customer Lifetime Value Report
    Data Lineage Diagrams & Traceability: Customer Lifetime Value Report
  • Data Lineage Diagrams & Traceability: Data Quality Roll-Up for Reports
    Data Lineage Diagrams & Traceability: Data Quality Roll-Up for Reports
  • High Level Physical Lineage
    High Level Physical Lineage
  • Oversight Dashboard
    Oversight Dashboard
  • Catalog Dashboard
    Catalog Dashboard

With Collibra Data Governance Center, data citizens can:

  • Get up and running quickly with ready-to-use best practice models
  • Use semantic search capabilities to make finding and accessing the right data blazingly fast
  • Easily automate governance and stewardship tasks, define ownership structures, and establish workflows to involve the right people in data decision making
  • Deliver instant access to the right data through mobile access and capabilities
  • Collaborate with data stakeholders to build and maintain context around your data

  • Use interactive data lineage diagrams to visually explore everything about the data, including business terms, policies, issues, relationships, and direction
  • Establish a data help desk to identify and resolve data issues quickly–building confidence in your data sources
  • Link to data sources, business applications, data lakes, and metadata from across your enterprise with pre-built integration templates
  • Create a catalog of data so you know what you have, what it means, where you find it, and who you can call about it

The Collibra Data Governance Center helps data citizens find and understand the right data, and ensures its quality and accessibility.

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The new features are absolutely amazing. They are smart and make it simple to use.

Divya Mowar, Global Logistics Process Analyst, NetApp