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Data governance

Understanding data governance

Questions around data’s quality and relevance are increasingly difficult for modern enterprises to answer. Collibra Data Governance helps organizations understand their ever-growing amounts of data in a way that scales with growth and change, so that teams can trust and use their data to improve their business.

Govern your data with Collibra

The data governance advantage:

Access to reliable, accurate data

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Establish a common understanding

Create a shared language for data assets and meaning within your organization so that everyone works from a single source of agreed-upon truth.

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Keep pace with change

Easily automate governance and stewardship tasks so that your data management practice can remain in place as your business evolves.

Automate your data governance
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Collaborate in a central location

Interact within common workflows and pre-built business processes in order to facilitate a collaborative approach to governance.

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Governance benefits

Trust your data and

grow your business

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Business Glossary

Define the terminology, rules and regulations that matter to your business so everyone operates off the same foundation.

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Data Dictionary

Document your metadata and its use. It describes the structure of data, its relationship with other data, its origin, its format and its use.

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Policy Manager

Create, review and update data policies so that they are adopted and applied throughout your organization. Make the logic and rules easily identifiable.

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Reference Data

With a common understanding of how data is organized, classified and connected, data users can reconcile data between systems for more accurate reporting and analysis.