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Getting Started with Healthcare Data Governance [Webinar]

Healthcare providers absolutely must get a better handle on the ever-growing volume of increasingly diverse data in their possession. But how can you get an effective data governance initiative underway? And how can you make sure your investments in data governance really pay off for your organization? Register for this webinar to get actionable insight into getting started with data governance including:
  • How governance complements EMR, clinical analytics and other key tech trends
  • The pitfalls of “paralysis by analysis”
  • Why engagement with non-technical stakeholders is so critical to program success
Don’t let your data governance initiative continue to languish. Let our experts help get you started on the right track!
March 23, 2017
2:00pm ET
How to Become a Data Governance Expert

How to Become a Data Governance Expert

Everything you need to know to master your organization’s data

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