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Collibra Introduces Collibra AI Governance

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, today announced the launch of Collibra AI Governance, a new product that enables organizations to deliver trusted AI safely and effectively. Built on top of the Collibra Data Intelligence Platform, Collibra AI Governance helps data, AI and legal teams collaborate to ensure compliance with legal and privacy policies, mitigate data risk, improve model performance and ROI, as well as accelerate time to production.

Organizations are under intense pressure to quickly leverage AI as a competitive advantage. According to a recent IDC survey, 71% of respondents said their companies are already using AI, with 22% planning to do so within the next 12 months. Companies that have successfully scaled AI initiatives reported a 3.5x return on their AI investments.

However, using AI without proper governance and without a complete understanding of the underlying data can lead to unwanted outcomes including model bias, inaccuracies, legal and ethical implications, trust issues, and more. Organizations face both reputational damage and regulatory fines from AI models not performing as expected. Collibra AI Governance provides a purpose-built mechanism to safely govern AI, and the data that feeds it, with the proper rules, processes and responsibilities.

“We’ve heard from our customers that organizations want to prioritize AI or are already heavily invested, but leaders are concerned about the unpredictable nature of AI and barriers like time, money, resources, errors, unwanted outcomes, legal issues, and data security,” said Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer for Collibra. “With Collibra AI Governance, we’re helping to eliminate the concerns of CIOs, CDOs, data leaders, and legal teams by providing a unified platform to govern AI and the data that drives it with automated workflows, processes, and policies to deliver trusted AI across the organization.”

Collibra AI Governance empowers enterprises to deliver more valuable, ethical, responsible, and compliant AI by:

  • Defining and documenting AI use cases, easily: AI projects can be managed and monitored using an intuitive, business-user friendly interface
  • Tying AI directly to data for greater understanding and transparency: Tie AI use cases to the data that feeds them with Collibra Data Catalog, continuous data quality checks with Collibra Data Quality & Observability, and best-in-class governance capabilities
  • Guarding sensitive data: Integration with Collibra Data Privacy and Collibra Protect helps identify and shield sensitive data, like personal identifiable information (PII), with data discovery and data access policies to ensure only the right people can see and use specific data
  • Connecting business context to the data that fuels AI: Surround project data with deeper details like goals, business value, and team member roles to ensure tighter alignment, collaboration, and transparency
  • Ensuring regulatory and legal compliance: Risk ratings along different categories can be applied for easier triage and review of controversial projects
  • Providing visibility and monitoring across the AI use case lifecycle: CIOs, CDOs, and legal teams can understand the provenance and trustworthiness of data used to train models to improve model quality keep track of ROI and business value

"Our mission is to provide trusted data and drive trustworthy Al across our customers' data landscapes, with Collibra as a key part of our business data fabric architecture," said Dan Yu, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Solutions, Data and Analytics, SAP SE. "Collibra Al Governance will help our customers ensure the ethical and responsible use of Al across their organizations."

Collibra AI Governance will be on display at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, March 11-13, 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

Learn more about Collibra AI Governance.

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