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{Be}well: Beyond benefits

Championing a supportive and flexible culture

We’re here for you

At Collibra, we understand that people are at their best - in work and in life - when we work together to create a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment. That’s why we offer a range of global benefits and engagement programs that have been designed to support the diverse life events of you and your loved ones. 

We listen to you

One of our core values is to be open, direct, and kind. This means that we work hard to listen to you, using your feedback as our guide. At Collibra, we see your wellbeing as a victory for all. Through dialogue, we can continue to build programs, experiences and a culture that supports you.

We offer flexibility

Bold ambitions bring one-of-a-kind opportunities, but balancing these with the demands of life requires pace and flexibility. That's why we designed our {Be}well program: It evolves with Collibra so that we can support your wellbeing and productivity, wherever you are. We believe that how we work is just as important as what we do at work.

{Be}well’s pillars empower you to pursue excellence, personally and professionally


We strive to remain locally competitive and globally equitable. This means comprehensive offerings including medical, dental, vision, and mental health benefits for you and your family.


We provide generous time off, global leave policies, Fridays Unplugged, meeting free Wednesdays, and a flexible culture to help balance your needs and Collibra’s.  


We offer equity ownership at every level, a Flex Fund monthly stipend, competitive compensation including pension/401k plans as well as other rewards & recognition programs.


We create inclusion and belonging through how we onboard, meet, connect, engage and communicate. Learn more about DEI at Collibra.

Our global benefit minimums

Benefits vary greatly by country, but we want to ensure our global minimum policies are equitable and generous for Collibrians around the world. Some countries may exceed the policies below, but know that the below is our universal baseline for all employees. Interested in learning more?

Flex funds

  • Monthly allowance for flexible benefits
  • Choose from food, caregiving, connectivity, fitness, wellness and more


  • 20 days paid; global minimum provided and varies by country 
  • Flexible scheduling

Birthing parent leave

  • 14 weeks paid
  • 100% base salary
  • 3 week return-to-work program

Non-birthing parent leave

  • 8 weeks paid
  • Includes partners, paternity, adoption, surrogacy, foster care
  • 100% base salary
  • 3 week return-to-work program

Personalized wellbeing platform

  • 8 coaching and 8 therapy sessions, free to employees 
  • Includes coaching, mindfulness, meditation and more

Collibra swag store

  • Annual employee stipend to get free Collibra gear!
  • New environmentally sustainable releases throughout the year

Short term medical / sick leave

  • 4 weeks paid
  • 100% base salary

Caregiver leave

  • 4 weeks paid
  • 100% base salary

Bereavement time off

  • 10 days paid
  • 100% base salary