Cloud migration: moving trusted data to the cloud

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A data setting to meet

enterprise needs

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Gain clear insights into cloud data

Apply a single layer of definitions to software, platform and infrastructure services to ensure a consistent foundation for reliable data.

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Support rapid cloud adoption

Leverage connectors to cloud service providers and on-premises applications to create easy access to all critical data sets for your business.

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Adopt AI and ML with trusted


Sophisticated AI and ML algorithms require high-quality data to generate outcomes that inform your business decisions.

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Build a hybrid data architecture

In a multi-cloud environment, logical data consolidation through optimal cataloging is needed to maintain a clear view of enterprise operations.

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Agile development and innovation

Get your data ready for

cloud migration

Organizations need a strategic approach to modernizing their operations; one that offers sharper insights into their market, customers and supply chains. The answer is a solution that is scalable, accessible and resilient: data in the cloud.

Become cloud ready

Maximize your data and better compete

The Collibra Platform enables you to work with your entire data ecosystem seamlessly and agnostically, making it easier to gain a clear view of your data.

Make data-driven decisions
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Open up your

organizational data

Collibra Catalog allows you to better discover the information that matters most to your business – whether that relates to finances, customers, products, services, supply chains or personnel.

What can our data catalog do?
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Global Head of Financial Services Partner
Technologies, AWS

“Organizations today are looking to innovate for their customers. The agility that the cloud provides is a game changer for so many companies. The flip side is it can be a new challenge to figure out how they can manage that data and how they can access it. Collibra provides the capability for customers to gain visibility into the data they have in the cloud.”

Peter Williams
Migrating to the cloud with confidence

AVP of Enterprise Data Management and
Enablement, Cox Automotive

“It’s really about helping people discover the data we have across the company, understand what’s available to them, help them learn about the data, and get them easy, rapid access to use that data.”

Susan Twadell
Finding data at Cox Automotive

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