Why you should apply to the Data Intelligence Masterclass

We are thrilled to introduce the Data Intelligence Masterclass. This seven-part thought-leadership series is unlike any other masterclass in the market. 

Why you might ask? It is because we have brought together some of the most influential “game changers” in the world of data to teach these classes. Here are the top three reasons you should apply today! 

You want to tackle industry debates and trends with peers

As a data leader, you need to keep up with the trends within your industry. To do this, you probably read analyst reports, listen to podcasts, and turn to publications like Forbes to get your information. While these are all great options for education, wouldn’t it be even better to hear from the analyst themselves or from the data influencer who coined the term you are learning about? 

At the Data Intelligence Masterclass you can! In this seven week program you will hear from data leaders on topics such as data mesh, preparing for the office of the future, and how to develop and drive your data culture. 

Connect with industry leaders 

While this is a digital series, we want it to feel like you are in the room with your peers. We want this to be an interactive digital experience where you can network with our all-star lineup of data leaders. Each session will be 60 minutes and will include a Q&A and networking session at the end. 

In this networking session you will have the opportunity to connect and share ideas with industry experts such as Zhamak Dehghani, the founder of data mesh, Dr. Thomas Redman, the “Data Doc,” Dr. Alex Borek, Head of Data Analytics at Zalando, Dr. Barbara Wixom, Principal Research Scientist at MIT, Jonathan Sander, Security Field CTO at Snowflake, and Brent Dykes, Founder and Chief Data Storyteller at Analytics Hero LLC. 

You are a data leader who is responsible for data strategy and are looking to learn more

The Masterclass is an application only program targeted at data executives, CDOs, VPs, directors, and heads of departments. We are looking to tailor the class to executives who lead the data function within their organization and who are seeking buy-in for data transformation. More specifically, we are looking for hands-on data strategists who want to interact with other transformative CDOs and thought leaders. 

This program is really for data leaders who are looking to shape the future of Data Intelligence through passionate conversations and debates. Since this series is so interactive, we are looking for attendees who want to share their own experience and participate in the conversation. If this sounds like you, apply now!

Interested in joining the Data Intelligence Masterclass?

Apply today!

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