Unlocking the power of data sharing: 4 highlights from Data Citizens ‘24


At Data Citizens ‘24, industry leaders and experts converged to explore how they could do more with trusted data. For many attendees, this meant exploring the transformative potential of data sharing. Data Citizens offered multiple opportunities to gain practical insights and real-world examples this year. Attendees could learn about new product innovations. They could gain understanding and empowerment from customer breakout sessions or hands-on workshops. Attendees could also explore the feasibility of data product roll-out at scale in an interactive Data Citizens Circle. Each opportunity provided attendees with more knowledge about building and enabling data sharing initiatives within their teams and companies. Read more about each of these opportunities below.

1. The announcement of new ways that our customers can achieve better business outcomes

Several of the new product capabilities announced at Data Citizens can help our customers foster a data-driven culture. If you want to enhance data sharing at your organization, these capabilities may be just what you need. Collibra Data Notebook is a tool that allows users to query and collaborate around data. Our new, more integrated Data Marketplace experience makes it faster and easier to find the right data.

Learn more about these and our other exciting announcements here.

2. Four impactful customer breakout sessions demonstrating how effective data sharing can help companies succeed

One session featured valuable insights from prominent organizations, Heineken and Inter IKEA. They emphasized the importance of using consistent terminology and communication practices to break down silos and eliminate barriers between teams. By creating a shared understanding of data — including the language used to describe it — teams can work together more efficiently, exchange critical business insights and collaborate more transparently. Seamless data exchange and collaboration ultimately leads to faster, more confident decision-making, contributing to the organization’s overall success.

In another session, we heard how TELUS uses metadata automation to discover, understand, trust, track and observe data in real time. This enables various business use cases within their organization. We also learned how TELUS established a foundation of capabilities to ensure that this metadata shared across the organization is appropriately governed and maintained to drive excellence at the world-leading telecommunications company. 

The third breakout featured CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, as they shared their approach to maximizing the value of their data assets. We heard how CAS operates two distinct yet interconnected big data environments—one for business data and another for scientific data. The speakers shared how they leverage these two data environments for innovation and identify new business opportunities while fulfilling their mission to improve lives through science.

In the fourth breakout, Shell shared how their strategic shift towards data products is positively impacting the adoption of their data catalog. Shell has embraced a user-friendly data marketplace model rather than relying solely on a technical approach to data cataloging. This move has helped them maximize the value of their vast data resources, making them more accessible and usable for a wider range of users. By focusing on delivering data products through a data marketplace, Shell is fostering greater collaboration and utilization of data across their organization.

3. The opportunity to go hands-on with workshops on data sharing and data products

Attendees of the Data Monetization: Creating Value through Data Products workshop learned how to transform raw data into valuable assets (data products). They gained firsthand experience in maximizing the value of their organization’s data assets, including:

  • Understanding data monetization
  • Identifying the value of data assets 
  • Learning the best way to go from data collection and analysis to implementing strategies that create tangible value
  • Seeing how data monetization can enhance operational efficiency by leveraging insights to streamline processes, optimize resource allocation and drive informed decision-making throughout the organization 

Armed with practical tools and tips, attendees — who included data governance professionals, data scientists and data intelligence practitioners — learned how to initiate and sustain data sharing initiatives and lay the groundwork for improved cross-functional collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

4. A 360° experience with data sharing Circles

Data Citizens Circles represent a fully interactive experience for participants. In the Data sharing | Data products roll-out at scale session, participants not only learned from subject matter experts but were able to discuss as a group and share experiences with other data professionals relating to:

  • Insights into proven methodologies and best practices for creating and rolling out data products at scale
  • Data marketplace capabilities to facilitate data product rollouts
  • Change management challenges and best practices

Participants exchanged ideas and best practices, uncovering new opportunities to leverage data sharing as a strategic advantage. Diverse perspectives fueled insightful conversations and inspired actionable takeaways.

Essential takeaways
As another successful Data Citizens ended, the journey toward enhanced data sharing practices continues. With a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, attendees are now poised to drive meaningful change within their organizations. Embracing the insights and strategies shared during the event can pave the way for a future where data sharing fuels innovation, collaboration and sustainable growth.

Ready to embark on your data sharing journey? Here are four ways to get started:

  1. Register now for Data Citizens on demand. Relive the magic by tuning into some of the top sessions from the event on demand. 
  2. Download your copy of our ebook, Data Sharing: Four steps to creating a data-driven culture today, and unlock a treasure trove of resources and guidance to accelerate your organization’s data-sharing initiatives. 
  3. Start building a strong foundation for a data sharing culture with this readiness checklist.
  4. Be sure to join us for the next Data Citizens!

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