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Why data quality matters 

Mergers and acquisitions. Re-orgs. Infrastructure upgrades and migrations. Any of these typical corporate events can wreak havoc on your data pipelines and cause data downtime. They also make your organization vulnerable to quality control risks. All of these disruptions can be exceptionally costly.

Even when there isn’t a significant corporate event, data engineers are concerned about data quality issues: Is my data loading on time? Is it complete? Did the data fall into normal ranges and distributions? 

And if you’re a data steward, you may be asking questions for domain-specific concerns. How do I quickly identify data anomalies? Did my trades roll up into my positions? Did the bank loan get approved at the correct interest rate? Does this insurance customer have a home and auto policy? 

Unfortunately, poor data quality is a frequent challenge. Data teams are often constrained by manual rule writing and management, with limited data connectivity and a siloed view of data quality. What is lacking is an enterprise data quality foundation that can respond to regulatory, analytics, and AI demands in a scalable, continuous way. The consequences of a lack of data quality can be costly, including massive productivity loss and costly fines, along with significant potential revenue loss.

Collibra can help. Now’s your chance to ensure the quality of your organization’s data — test Collibra Data Quality & Observability in your environment today!

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​​25% percent of revenue is lost due to bad data

MITSloan Management Review

47% percentage of recently created data records have at least one critical error

Harvard Business Review

Why Collibra Data Quality & Observability

Collibra Data Quality & Observability proactively surfaces quality issues in real-time and makes reliable and accurate data readily available so you can drive intelligent and informed decisions.

Get real time visibility into the health of your data

Automatically generate rules to get complete visibility on metrics including null checks, row counts, outliers and others. Proactively detect and resolve data issues before they start impacting downstream applications.

Reduce the time to resolve fire drills around data

Reduce the number of false positives and unnecessary alerts and take advantage of actionable advice to resolve issues quickly.

Reduce the risk and cost of data migration

Get non-proprietary, explainable, and shareable rule templates, without the need for customizing rules as you migrate data to different systems and environments.

Build high-quality reusable data pipelines

Automate data discovery with monitoring and alerting so you can easily build healthier data pipelines. 

19% of businesses have lost a customer by using incomplete or inaccurate data.

-Dun & Bradstreet Report (Jun 2019): The Past, Present, and Future of Data

Five steps to getting started

When you start your free trial, we recommend following these five steps:


Build better data pipelines — Try now for free!

Collibra Data Quality & Observability helps easily build and scale high-quality, reusable data pipelines as well as integrate predictive data quality and observability into your governance programs. It leverages the power of machine learning to generate adaptive data quality rules that help boost productivity and compliance, and puts trusted data into the hands of every business user on your team.

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Want to learn more about Collibra Data Quality and Observability?

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Want to learn more about Collibra Data Quality and Observability?

Check out our free trial today!

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