The view from the Edge has never been better


The Collibra Data Intelligence Platform delivers trusted data for every user, every use case and across every source. But building a platform that has flexibility to work across these different customer environments is hard. This is where the Collibra Edge component comes in. Its role is to bridge the customer’s data sources in a secure and performant manner to provide rich functionality for the Collibra Data Intelligence Platform.  

Over the last year, we have improved and advanced the capabilities of Edge. This blog is an overview of some of those key advancements.

Improved and enhanced capabilities of Edge 

Last year we introduced Edge Smart Upgrade, enabling customers to take Edge releases upon passing the organization’s security review policy. With this feature, customers can mirror the Edge artifactory into their private registry and perform security vulnerability scans for internal evaluation. Customers can engage with Collibra for security reviews within defined conditions to understand vulnerability context and resolution.

Our most recent release 

Most recently, we have delivered two major features focused on integrating Edge into customers’ existing credential management policies and increasing flexibility in deployment requirements.

 Vault integrations on Edge are now supported. They allow customers to securely authenticate Edge to their existing Vault application or service and safely utilize secrets in Edge connections to data sources. Customers benefit by having Edge adopt credential rotation policies and centralized secret management from their vault. Any changes in secret values are automatically propagated to Edge connections as Edge fetches secret values in real time and discards the information once a capability job on the data source has completed execution.

How this helps you

 As customers have varied managed Kubernetes platforms, the re-architected Edge solution rises to the challenge of being able to run on many customer-requested platforms. The simplified Edge architecture makes it a breeze for our customers to install and run Edge in their existing Kubernetes platforms and provides a more cost-effective, responsive, and scalable solution for data governance capabilities.

 As the de facto on-premise component of the Collibra Data Intelligence Platform, many new capabilities are exclusively developed to run on Edge, which includes new features such as Unified Rule-based Data Classification.

Edge has evolved into a security-first, adaptable, and scalable component that is the foundation for existing data intelligence capabilities and future functionality.  The view from the Edge has never been better!   

To learn more about Edge, check out the documentation.

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