Surface business context instantly with Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension

What do you do when you need more context in a business document or an email? How do you get a deeper understanding of a report? Wasting your time searching the enterprise information assets is not an option. Asking your colleagues or working with limited references may not be enough. It is a constant challenge faced by all business and technical users.

Collibra offers an efficient solution that takes only a few clicks. The Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension conveniently surfaces the business context about data from within popular enterprise web apps and reports. 

Why Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension?

Because better and faster decisions need a deeper understanding of business acronyms, reports, KPIs, financials, and the status of various projects.

What can you do with Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension? 

  • Improve productivity by understanding web content and reports more quickly.
  • Drive better insights from reports with access to the relevant context.
  • Increase adoption by sharing metadata context across web apps and enabling widespread utilization of governed metadata.
  • Encourage better consumption of Tableau and PowerBI reports through the full context captured in Collibra.

Who benefits from Collibra Everywhere? 

Everyone who needs an immediate context.

  • Data consumers/business analysts: For a complete understanding of the business context, data sources, owners, report attributes, worksheets, and related reports.
  • Data owners/data analysts: For improving the utility of reports by providing business context on how to understand them.
  • Data stewards: For an instant verification that the governance best practices are employed with report ownership and defined business terms when conveniently browsing webpages.

Which web apps are supported?

Confluence, Salesforce, Jira, ServiceNOW, Snowflake, SharePoint, online query editors, Tableau, and Power BI and more

Which browsers are supported?

Collibra Everywhere works with Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

How does the Everywhere Browser Extension work?

Collibra Everywhere instantly delivers the context with a seamless and intuitive experience. Once you install the browser extension, a Collibra icon appears in your browser, which you can move around and minimize. For reports, the Collibra icon is your gateway to the context. 

Tableau and Power BI reports

Surface metadata automatically for Tableau and Power BI reports.

1.Click the Collibra icon. The side pane opens with the surfaced metadata. 

2. View business context related to the report, including lineage, attributes, and relations.

3. Drill down for details and click the links to dive deeper.


You can surface definitions, rating, certification of reporting/data, responsibilities, lineage and source information, as well as related assets.  You can also quickly surface context within Tableau, Power BI, Confluence, Salesforce, Jira, ServiceNOW, Snowflake, SharePoint, online query editors, and more. 

Web apps

Highlight the text in a web app to get its context.  

1.Highlight any text, right-click, and click Search in Collibra. The side pane opens with the surfaced metadata. 

2. View business context related to the highlighted text, including definition, responsibilities, attributes, and related assets.

3. Drill down for details and click the links to dive deeper. 

You can also search for column names, table names, and any other attributes that have a rich context. The Collibra Everywhere pane delivers a responsive and fluid viewing experience. 

Simplify business context with the Everywhere Browser Extension 

Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension surfaces rich business context with just a few clicks. Whether you are looking for business terms, data definitions, or acronyms, it delivers the relevant information right from within the browser. Leverage the instant access to context for higher productivity, better business decisions, and enterprise-wide utilization of governed metadata.

Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension is an integral part of the Collibra Intelligence CloudContact Collibra if you have questions about maximizing your productivity with the help of  Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension.

Watch this video to see the Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension in action.

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