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John Smith
Data Scientist, USA
Cloud-Ready Data
Digital Transformation
Data Governance

Strength in Numbers: Collibra in 2019

one collibra

Looking back on the final year of this decade, I’m amazed at all that Collibra has been able to accomplish. While receiving FedRAMP Authorization, JPMorgan Hall of Innovation induction and Series E funding are exciting and notable, it’s what we’ve achieved on the inside, together as One Collibra, that impresses me most. 

I’ve always admired organizations that are able to fully put employees at the center, while simultaneously working towards their mission and reaching their goals. Typically these are large companies with copious resources, so it’s a bit unusual for a company of Collibra’s size and maturity to scale people initiatives, especially while creating and leading a new category of Data Intelligence. Thankfully, there’s strength in numbers, and 2019 has proved that by working together towards a common goal, anything is possible.

In order to sustain future endeavors and maintain momentum, setting the foundation was key. In 2019, we hired nearly 300 new employees, expanded our Brussels and NYC offices, and opened a new office location in Atlanta. The explosive growth was at times a bit overwhelming, but by implementing a three-day onboarding program for new hires, and personal development initiatives like leadership and hiring manager training, we were able to ensure that our business, leaders, and employees alike were set up for immediate and future success. 

Throughout growth, it’s imperative to listen to the opinions of your base. We knew in order to stay competitive, we needed to go the extra mile. Compensation comes in many forms, so in 2019 we were determined to not only better support our Collibrians financially through an equity refresh program, added pensions and 401k match, but we also took an approach to corporate social responsibility by hosting the first of many Collibra for Good initiatives to support our local communities, as well as hosting our first annual Family Day across the globe.

The last 365 days have been far from easy, but they have been some of the most rewarding that I have had in my career. The foundation we set in 2019 was necessary to scale even further and set us up to be the company to bet on in the future. We plan to grow by nearly 50% next year and have had the honor of being recognized as a 2020 career launching company. By setting the foundation and putting people at the center, there are no limits to what can be achieved. Thank you to everyone who made 2019 possible and proving that our work matters. Cheers to a fantastic 2020!


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