Ready to Test: Introducing the Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance Test Drive

Today, we have great news. Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance is available for a free test drive!

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The foundation of a data-driven organization

Data is more valuable than ever. But it’s also never been more vulnerable. As a result, modern data professionals face this unavoidable challenge: How can I securely store and protect my organization’s data AND enable the organization to maximize its value?

The key is adaptive data and analytics governance. At Collibra, we believe it’s the next big step forward in data governance

“Traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach to data and analytics governance cannot deliver the value, scale and speed that digital business demands. Adaptive governance enables executive leaders to flexibly select different governance styles for differing business scenarios.”

Gartner Research

Collibra: The one-stop shop for adaptive data and analytics governance

A new framework recently coined by Gartner, adaptive data and analytics governance emphasizes going beyond control and compliance to focus on business outcomes. In a world where outcomes are critical, and scalability is essential, governance takes on even greater urgency.

Is your organization struggling with data? With understanding and using it? With accountability for data ownership? With a lack of documentation, traceability, even auditing trails? Do you lack a central location to define and manage governance processes and workflows? 

If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone. You’re also one step closer to finding a solution to these challenges. You can take back control of your data landscape with Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance

Take back control of your data

Let’s face it: Governance is a growth strategy. According to Forbes, investment in a data-driven culture can lead to measurable performance improvements, including a 40% increase in time-to-market and 35% increase in new customer acquisitions. (Source: Forbes.) 

That’s why we’re so excited to give you a chance to test drive our Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance solution today.

A unified, scalable adaptive solution, Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance delivers all the capabilities you need to take back control of your data landscape, improve the efficiency of your people and processes, and reduce your data and compliance risks.  

When you take back control of your data landscape, you get full visibility into all your data assets. Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance helps create a culture of trusted data that fuels better decision-making by:

  • Bringing metadata into one central location via native integrations and APIs to important data sources, business applications, data science and BI tools so that data is available and easily accessible across your organization.
  • Documenting definitions and ownership, certifying data assets, and capturing crowdsourced feedback, so users feel confident in using the data and empowered to make business decisions. 
  • Offering a single, scalable solution that includes all of the data catalog and governance capabilities you need to ensure your data is accurate, consistent, complete, and discoverable.

According to a 2021 IDG report, 78% of IT decision-makers agree that the collection and analysis of data has the potential to fundamentally change the way their company does business in the next 1 – 3 years.

Source: Foundry, formerly IDG.

Increase efficiency of your people and processes 

To empower every data citizen to find the right data assets, Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance increases efficiency by:

  • Automating your processes with intuitive and configurable workflows that bring users together to collaborate on decisions, close knowledge gaps, and quickly complete tasks.
  • Presenting data history with automated business and technical lineage that traces data flows and shows the relationships among data, reports, definitions and policies, so you can clearly see how data transforms and flows from system to system and source to report.
  • Improving data transparency for every user by establishing a centralized, enterprise-wide repository of assets with full business context, so all users have a common understanding of the data and can easily discover the data that is relevant to them. 
  • Enabling all users to easily find the right data assets using machine learning and the active metadata graph to link the conceptual, logical and physical data layers and add rich business context to data at scale, allowing users to use their own business language when searching for the data they need. 

Reduce data and compliance risks 

Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance can also help your team establish a common data language and set of policies, ensuring compliance while improving clarity and consistency of your data assets by:

  • Building and maintaining a business glossary of approved business terms and metric definitions, helping to ensure clarity and consistency of data assets across the organization.
  • Improving clarity and consistency of data with the ability to define reference data ensuring that the data assets are providing the right data in the right format for the systems they are working with. (e.g. can map code sets for hospital billing to insurance/medicare codes).
  • Mitigating compliance risk using policy manager to create, review, and update data retention and usage policies that can be adopted and applied across the organization, so you can meet your data compliance requirements.

Take a test drive

The Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance Test Drive is a preconfigured instance of Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance with pre-loaded dummy data that allows interested data professionals to try our product in a realistic sandbox environment. Through guided walkthroughs and test cases, you can get hands-on experience, experimenting and exploring the power of Collibra.

Interested in seeing how Collibra works?

Try out test drive today!

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Interested in seeing how Collibra works?

Try out test drive today!

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